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Re: Beginner on the Bay

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  • annagraceamelia
    You sound like me (ex-cali surfer kitesurfing to stay wet.) I am up in Wilmington, DE. If you haven t already, take some lessons. I am really only one step up
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      You sound like me (ex-cali surfer kitesurfing to stay wet.)
      I am up in Wilmington, DE.
      If you haven't already, take some lessons.
      I am really only one step up the learning curve from you, I flew a
      foil, tried to start on the water myself then had lessons, and am now
      just starting in the water for real.

      There is a group for kiters in this area and some are in Annapolis
      all sorts of info in the archives on sites and a good place to ask ?'s
      (for instance, you can read about how I am an idiot and wasted a lot
      of time and money until I took lessons this summer.)
      also info on gear and local retailers.

      feel free to email me


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      > Any place good for windsurfers is good for kiting. Go chase those
      windsurfers around the bay. Most windsurfers know who the local
      kiters are.
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      > Subject: [ksurfschool] Beginner on the Bay
      > I'm new to kite surfing (newer than everyone else here I'm
      > sure), and just bought a trainer kite. I'm learning quickly on
      > and should be in the water soon. My question is this. I live in
      > Annapolis, MD, and do not have too much free time to get out of
      > Annapolis. I've done some net research and found that the nearest
      > confirmed location for good surfing is Ocean City, but it's too
      > for me to visit often. I left surfing back in Cali, and I have an
      > urge to do it out here, so when I saw some kiters back home, I
      > thought, "Hey, we have wind in MD! I could kitesurf!" I thought I
      > might be able to do some kiting right here on the Chesapeake Bay,
      > since there are obviously good winds (lots of sailboats and
      > sometimes windsurfers). However, I've never seen a kite out
      there. I
      > was just wondering if any of you veterans knew whether the Bay is
      > good place to kite or not. If not I'll have to drag myself out to
      > Ocean City every time I want to kite which would be tough. Any
      > would be great, but mainly if the conditions on the Bay are good,
      > it seems reasonable to surf there, or if there are any
      > prohibiting it. I know it's kind of obscure, but again, I will
      > appreciate any possible info. Thanks a bunch.
      > ~John
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