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Re: Connecting Lines

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  • Jo Macdonald
    Hi Alex, Use a lark s head loop to attach the lines There s pictures of how to make and attach the loop here
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2002
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      Hi Alex,
      Use a lark's head loop to attach the lines
      There's pictures of how to make and attach the loop here

      You can find some good tips here too

      Ask local kiters for tips and a few leasons with a good instructor
      are priceless.
      Use traction kite on big open areas, free of any obstacles in light
      constant wind and don't hook in with the kite at zenith.
      Have fun and stay safe.

      > I'm just starting in the sport and I'm still learning how to fly a
      > kite on land, so bear with me. :)
      > I've bought a 2.5m traction kite, just to learn the basics on and
      > I've run into the problem of tieing lines. What knots should I use
      > connect kite to lines to control handles?
      > I'm also trying to find a good kite shop in the Nottingham area,
      > anyone knows one.
      > Thx,
      > Alex.
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