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Let's Help Some Kiteboarders Out

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  • Rick Iossi
    Kiteboarders should pull together to support each other and access when and where we can. All call for help has come out of South Africa, an email from you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2002
      Kiteboarders should pull together to support each other and access when and
      where we can. All call for help has come out of South Africa, an email from
      you could make a difference. Please see below.

      Thank you,
      Rick Iossi
      AKA Kiteboarding Committee

      (Reposted from

      Hi folks,

      I just spoke to a friend in Cape Town, Angus from Cape Dr. He told me that
      there is a plan to build a hovercraft link all across the table bay, in
      which most kite- and windsurfing is going on and some surfing, too. The
      hovercraft would be running close to the shore (about 1km), and would
      seriously impact that brilliant surfing area. Noise, danger from the hover
      craft, etc.

      All sorts of people are protesting, from surfers to residents and
      environmental agencies. It would be great if you could support the protest
      with a simple email.

      Please write an email to goose@... with the subject line
      "Hovercraft protest" and a few lines describing why you are against it and
      may be that it could impact your decision to go kiting in Cape Town.

      Goose (=Angus) will then collect all those emails, print them out and take
      them to the next council meeting, to give the voice of protest against this
      project more weight.

      If you want to check out more, go to Wavescape at
      Thanks very much in advance for your help!



      A form email that we can use appears below:

      I understand that a new hovercraft route and landing facility is
      contemplated for Big Bay in Cape Town. If this intended use comes to pass it
      will seriously impact watersports in this area. In particular the unsafe
      conditions created by this use will likely eliminate kiteboarding in this

      At present many tourists from Africa, Europe and other areas visit this area
      primarily for kiteboarding. Excellent conditions for this popular sport
      exist in Big Bay. I had planned on visiting the area myself to kiteboard.

      If the proposed hovercraft facility is constructed as currently configured,
      safe kiteboarding will no longer be possible. I understand from comments by
      Dr. Johan Neethling, (ex head of Cape Nature Conservation) hired as
      environmental consultant by Hovercape, that he personally believes there is
      a better landing site 900m further north up the coast near Eerstesteen. He
      feels this site would have less social impact.

      If this project comes into being as currently proposed, it would remove a
      primary reason for myself and many other tourists to vacation in your city.
      I therefore request that alternative, less impacting routing and/or other
      material modifications be considered for this project.

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