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Flysurfer Foils Jumpin Techniken

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  • Jo Macdonald
    The following is stuff I recieved from Flysurfer on how to jump their foils: Basically the jump technic for foil kites is very similar to the technic for tube
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2002
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      The following is stuff I recieved from Flysurfer on how to jump their

      Basically the jump technic for foil kites is very similar to the
      technic for tube kites.

      to jump you have to fly your kite from 10 o'clock to 1 -2 o'clock.
      when you fly your kite to 1 o'clock make sure the kite is powered up.
      on the jump point the kite has to be powered up 100%!

      also make sure you edge your board as long as possible, bring all
      your weight back, close to the water-line. this will create a lot of
      tension in your lines and kite.
      when you feel all the tension and the kite is going through 12
      o'clock, this is when you have to release the tension and jump.
      support the whole jump sequence out of your knees.

      straight after your take off you have to make sure the kite will
      return back through 12 o'clock, so that when you land the kite, it is
      back in front of you in around 10 o'clock. if the timing is right you
      will have the kite in a perfect position in front of you on landing.
      this will give you power straight away.

      this sequence need a bit training that you get the timing right.

      on your landing try to land a bit on forwind course, that you don't
      explode on your board edge.

      if you like to do big "fat" jumps you have to follow this:

      1. aggressively quick flying the kite towards 2 o'clock.

      2. hold the tension on the edge as long as possible before you jump .
      extreme body-tension is here important! you have to hold your body
      position down, close, parallel to the water surface. all the lines
      will get extra tension through this. when the time/jumping point
      comes you have to release all the body tension for the jump. timing
      and tension is here the key for a perfect jump.
      it is hard to put this in words. you have to go out an practice!

      the difference between tube and foil kites for jumping is, that tube
      kite have a bigger lift-window for jumping and you don't have to nail
      it on the perfect spot. with foil kites you have to hit the right
      point for take off and bring it back into the perfect landing

      it is normal that you can fly/jump better with the 9m as with the a
      12m or 16m Warrior, because the 9m will response much quicker and so
      it is easier and faster to turn it in the desired direction.

      so, the main difference is the exact timing you need for the jump
      point and the extreme powered up body position close to the water.
      the best way to train this and to find where the exact jumping point
      is, is to do small jumps first and increase the tension more and
      more. it won't take long, but if you get the feel for it, those foil
      kites will give you extreme hight and long airs.

      Ter info:

      Message: 6
      Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 17:48:21 -0000
      Subject: How to jump right with a foil (flyurfer warrior)

      It's a great kite but I think it must me possible to jump higher and
      more effective than the way I do. Can someone tell me what is the
      right technique ? I am used to naish arx and I have only used the
      Flysurfer for 4 times now.



      From: "peter_frank_dk"
      Subject: Re: How to jump right with a foil (flyurfer warrior)

      Speed on the kite - always !!!

      The secret is - to fly the kite back - REALLY back, and then forward

      The starting position (takeoff "lin" angle) of the kite is the same,
      no difference here.

      On inflatables, you can either jump like you do with foils - OR you
      can fly the kite UP !

      The latter (UP) is usually the best for beginners, because the kite
      is steady, you don't get unwanted pendulum effects, and don't have to
      do much while in the air.
      Often it can be sufficient to pull the kite forward again when going
      down for the landing, in order to plane fully out again.

      This does not work on most foils (IMO and experience).

      Foils are smaller, because they are more efficient, and the lift is
      primarily created by kite-speed.
      Thats why you can always get more power/acceleration out of foils, in
      too light wind, while sinusing (but not neccesarily more power in

      When you fly the kite straight up - the speed decreases violently
      after it reaches the top, and the "whip" effect is smaller, because
      of very little kite direction change.

      Because the speed decreases - you get short hangtime.
      Because the whip effect is small, you get poor height.

      On inflatables you can improve height (but not as much hangtime) if
      you jump like the foils - agressively flying the kite back with lots
      of speed, and while doing a "pendulum" takeoff - fly the kite
      agressively forward again, to stop the pendulum effect, and keep the
      kitespeed up (and then get really good height and hangtime).

      This is my advice - fly the kite agressively and fast, if you have a

      I've been using foils before the inflatables - this makes it so much
      easier - because it does not take long for you, to get used to flying
      the kite "less" agressive, and you can choose what you like,
      depending on the type of jump you wan't to do.
      The other way around takes somewhat longer, and will cost you some
      crashes too. If you learned on inflatables - and are going to use
      foils, be a little more patient...

      Then you will be able to feel the rush of a foil accelerating and
      just Shooooting you up !

      Kindly, Peter Frank.

      From: Marc Munzer
      Subject: Re: How to jump right with a foil (flyurfer warrior)

      Hi Ben,

      What were your jump heights before with the ARX. What are your jump
      now with the Warrior?

      I think its only a bit of adjustment you need before you can jump the
      warrior as well as you can jump your Naish.

      I have been flying foils since I started and have very little time on
      inflatables. Today I was out first with my 12.1 Mach1 and after with
      Warrior 9.25 (I think about the same power) I could easily jump twice
      high with twice as much hangtime on my warrior. So obviously, this
      mean that the mach1 doesn't jump well, it just means that I am not
      used to
      it. So it will be the same for you for a while with your warrior.

      I was watching a friend on a takoon scoop today (over 14 sqm flat,
      remember what the actual size was). It seemed that he was getting
      nice high
      jumps by flying the kite back in the window and just getting pulled
      Then he would slowly fly the kite back again and land. If I do the
      with the warrior it doesn't much like it. It seems the kite moves
      back fast
      and the forward fast, without lifting so much in between. But what I
      with the warrior is build up a bit of speed on the board and fly the
      up pretty fast, when it is close to the top, then power up and dig in
      edge hard at the same time so that you can build up some tension in
      lines. The kite should lift you pretty straight up instead of
      backwards. I
      think this is what is termed "progressive edging"?? If you go back in
      posts you will find some discussion of this technique. I think its
      important in jumping because I can notice that the height of my jumps
      extremely dependant on my edging technique.

      I find that in flat water its very easy because you can easily set
      edge. Whereas if the water is more choppy then you need more control
      your edge because the angle of your board in the water changes all
      the time
      due to the waves.

      For me the warrior is easier to jump because it is fast and
      responsive. We
      always have choppy water, so I can pick a small wave a couple meters
      of me and say I'm going to jump on that one and then put the kite in
      right position. Most of the tubes I have tried are slower and I don't
      the experience with tubes to judge where they will be and so I can't
      coordinate my edging and kite flying properly.



      From: "hungvuatnetcomdotca"
      Subject: Re: How to jump right with a foil (flyurfer warrior)


      Inflatables are very easy to jump (especially larger inflatables).
      Foils are harder to jump.

      The secret is "speed".

      1- Go very fast slightly broad reach.

      2- Turn the kite up and back. Don't look at the kite once you know it
      moving where you want it to.

      3- Turn your board upwind to beam reach or slightly close haul.

      4- Don't jump with your feet but actually wait until the kite lift

      Once you get all your timing right, you can jump higher with foils
      than inflatables.


      More posts on BKSA forum on jumping foils

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