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RE: [ksurfschool] 5th line

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  • Troy Bezanson
    The kite does launch upside down. Just join the struts on either side of the center strut with a piece of line, (Doesn t necessarily have to be as strong as
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 12, 2002
      The kite does launch upside down. Just join the struts on either side of
      the center strut with a piece of line, (Doesn't necessarily have to be as
      strong as q-power.)
      Tie a knot in the middle to attach the larks head of your 5th line to.
      Attach the other end of the 5th line to the bar somewhere preferably closer
      to the end. On the "Bar end" of the 5th line, I have a 6ft length of
      webbing to make it easier to pull on. It is very important that the 5th
      line is long enough that it doesn't interfere with the normal flying of the
      kite. Under normal flying conditions, my 5th line hangs loosely below the
      main lines.

      When the kite is lying leading edge down, just pull on the webbing and it
      will reverse launch about 10-15ft. Pull on one end of the bar to begin
      turning the kite, let go of the webbing once the kite turns and you're off.
      Very easy to learn.


      1. If the knot in the middle is tied off center in either direction, the
      kite will automatically turn as soon as you pull on the 5th line. Helpful
      if you have trouble turning the kite. (which you shouldn't)

      2. You can use the 5th line to collapse the kite in mid flight if needed,
      The ends of the 2 struts will pull closer together, and the kite will back
      down the middle of the wind window completely depowered. Let go at any time
      and hold on tight.

      3. To attach the connecting line to the struts, I sewed about 8inches of
      webbing to the main canopy parallel to the edge of the struts. (about an
      inch to the outside of each strut), tied a pigtail to the webbing so a larks
      head could attach easily. There's actually not a lot of tension on the 5th
      line when you pull it so I've never been worried about ripping the canopy.

      After a long search, I found the link with everything you need to know.
      It has a video that shows the reverse launch.


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      How does a fifth line work? Does the kite launch upside down? Is the
      attachment documented somewhere? Thanks.

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