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Re: Waterfoil setup and use - I need an expert HELP

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  • hink_trent
    I started out trying to use hanles and my opinion is that they while they work very well for buggying and skiing on snow they just plain suck for kiteboarding
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 22, 2002
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      I started out trying to use hanles and my opinion is that they while
      they work very well for buggying and skiing on snow they just plain
      suck for kiteboarding on water.

      The problem is that the handles allow you to put too much input into
      the kite so that it is very difficult to control the power - which is
      much much more than for land-based traction sports.

      Yes it is possible to control a kite with one hand with a harness and
      handles, especially if you have a roller hook like the Reactor Bar.
      The problem is that with a kite that is really powered up any input
      to the handles makes the kite turn too fast. If you hook in with
      handles and a fully powered kite and try to let go of both handles to
      put your board on or whatever, Any movement at all on your part is
      going to put some brake input into the kite and make it quickly move
      out of the neutral zone. With a bar you can usually hook in, park the
      kite at neutral, let go with both hands, and do what you need to do.
      At most you will need to just tap the bar one way or the other once
      in a while to keep it at neutral. With a bar when the kite starts to
      fall out of the neutral position the kite usually works its way down
      one edge of the window, rather than moving into the power zone, which
      is common with handles in my experience. A bar reduces the turning
      quickness of the kite but keeps the power more constant while the
      kite is turning so it is better for kitesurfing anyways.

      I took the handles off of my 4 line foils and made a bar out of an
      aluminum tube with a screw eye mounted in the center for a single
      brake line - which I attached to both of the brake lines at the kite.
      Fly the kite as a two line kite and use the brake line as a safety
      attached to a wrist leash. Another problem with using brakes on a
      kitesurfing kite is that while applying the brakes makes a brief
      increase in power brief increase in power, the kite moves back in the
      power zone so that the pull is more downwind making it very difficult
      to go upwind unless you release the brakes.

      My advice is use the brake lines as a saftey only. Test it out in
      light winds before trying it in stronger winds so you can be sure you
      have it properly tuned you want to have no brake input unless you
      throw the bar away.

      With a bar you may find that you need to go out in slightly stronger
      winds in order to experience the same kind of power you get with
      handles, especially if you are not moving across the wind. Don't
      worry about it - the power will be smoother, much more controlable,
      and you will be more able to get the kite powered at the edge of the
      window so you can ride upwind.

      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Jim Shoe <jimshoedj@y...> wrote:
      > I am a beginner as well and fly a foil kite (F-one) with a bar. I
      am not sure of the solution to your problem, but I wanted to point
      out that handles offer some distinct advantage over a bar if you
      already know how to use them well. (I haven't used handles but am
      considering switching.) I guy in my area is fabulous with handles,
      and he is able to use one hand on them for short periods of time when
      he needs to. Handles appear to provide ultimate control...
      > Good luck.
      > tmilowski_pdx wrote:I have 5,7 Waterfoil and used it for a while
      (almost two years on the
      > land). This year I'm trying to go on the water and try little bit
      > kiteboarding. This weekend was my third attempt, however I had few
      > problems with the kite. Since as you can guess I'm just a biginner
      > there was a lot of walking involved - it was almost impossible to
      > keep the kite streight up above my head. It alwas was going down
      > almost to the power zone and it was pulling really hard. Am I doing
      > semething wrong? Will the switch to a bar (currently I use handles)
      > help? The same problem applied while in a water. So I end up
      > a lot before I was able to get into the straps of my board.
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