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Re: new board twin tip

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  • vytaspass
    The smaller the baord, the more power you ll need (i.e. one size larger kite). But, if you re jumping, and want to get high, this is what you want. Smaller
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2002
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      The smaller the baord, the more power you'll need (i.e. one size
      larger kite). But, if you're jumping, and want to get high, this is
      what you want. Smaller boards weigh less and larger kites generate
      mroe power for a good pop off the water.

      I'd also look into the jarvis 157 which is a changeable board.
      Slingshot also makes a dimis twin picklefork-style design for jumping
      in the size 157.

      Look into lightwave, the naish, heck you can even go for a Dr. Koop
      which is tiny...but the smaller the board, the more power you need.
      Keep in mind if you skew the ratio of kitesize to board too far, your
      physical condition should be stronger to resist the kite longer and
      stay out riding before getting tired.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "bill2142002" <bill2142002@y...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I want to buy a bi-directional board. I currently have a naish 5.5
      > which I enjoy riding but find a pain to jibe with. I come from a
      > skateboard/snowboard background and a twin tip appeals to me. I
      > weight 75 kg, am 1.7m tall and can get upwind and starting to do
      > small jumps.I get the most use out of my arx9.5 out here with the
      > winds regularly around 15 knots and quite a few days 15-20 plus?
      > There a number of different spots around here with smallish waves,
      > chop to flat water. I was thinking of getting a naish TT 5.6 or a
      > 5.3, or a Cabrinha Prankster 172. Will it be alot harder to ride
      > a board compared to the mutant and will I need significantly more
      > power. I want a board which will stay with me as I hopefully
      > progress, I would keep the mutant for lighter wind days but ideally
      > would want to use the TT most of the time. Will the naish TT or
      > Cabrinha Prankster feel alot different to ride compared to the
      > if so in what way, I have got used to the feel of the mutant.
      > To many questions probably - thanks for any advice
      > Bill
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