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  • Kitepower
    G day Ted Pity you have a new bladder on the way, as your repair will probably be OK and last as long as your kite. As you can see I have a real issue with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
      G'day Ted
      Pity you have a new bladder on the way, as your repair will probably be OK
      and last as long as your kite.

      As you can see I have a real issue with people not wearing kite leashes, if
      they kite near anyone else, or in areas where a runaway kite will endanger
      people or their property!!
      I am not singling you out Ted, but you have been kind enough to provide some
      ammo!! :-)

      I agree that all manufacturers have been very slow to provide good leashes,
      and they have not foreseen the problems that their clunky or ineffective, or
      complete lack of, a decent kite leash has caused.

      I also agree that pro/sponsored riders, comp organisers, magazines, and
      advertisers have been extremely irresponsible, in promoting kiteboarding
      with no kite leashes.

      To me it looks like most manufacturers are in it for their own selfish,
      probably mainly money related reasons, especially now after the totally
      unnecessary death of Silke Goordt!! (there have been many other avoidable
      deaths and injuries too)

      What will it take for the IRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH, SHORTSIGHTED
      individuals and companies in this sport to reaslise if people do not wear
      kite leashes, this sport will be banned almost everywhere that people now do
      it? Because more PEOPLE will DIE, or be MAIMED for life.
      There is no future for the sport, unless WE ALL TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
      and ensure we and all others around us have a kite leash that works. "Grab
      leashes" are absolute nonsense.

      If manufacturers leashes do not work, tell them, make it publicly known,
      boycott that manufacturer DO NOT BUY THAT BRAND!!

      I am going to publish a list of manufacturers that do comply, and a list
      that do not and it will be put on the AKSA website for all to see, the time
      is now, we cannot give any more slack on this issue.

      I am also going to insist that our insurance/insurer includes a clause, that
      removes cover to any individual whose actions, by not wearing a leash,
      instigate a claim against AKSA's insurer!

      So called "grab leashes" do not count as a real working kite leash. The
      minimum standard will be kite permanently attached to rider with a secondary
      release in case the kite must be released to save the life of the rider.

      If you want to do handle passes, do it in very isolated areas or go
      wakeboarding behind a boat!!

      Without this action there is no future for this sport. Please forward this
      message to everyone you know, including any manufacturers.

      Steve McCormack
      Australian Kite Surfing Association

      Message: 7 (from Yahoo Kitesurf international newsgroup)
      Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 11:42:06 -0000
      From: "edwardahaynes" <edwardahaynes@...>
      Subject: Re: Hole in bladder

      The hole is the size of a quarter right next to the sealed section of
      the bladder tip. I tried to put a bike patch on it, but the glue did
      not hold. So I ended up using the clear patch tape that came with the
      kite. It holds for now, but I have a new bladder on the way. I have
      rarely crashed the kite, so I am not sure what it is from. I must
      have slammed the kite down at some point and not remember it.

      I'll start wearing a leash when people stop using the chicken loop. I
      have lost my kite once in the last 2 years of kiting. Individuals
      often emmulate the professionals in their respective sport. The lack
      of leash usage is rampant through out the sport. Kiting pros dont
      wear leashes which sends the message that they are not neccesary.
      Manufacturers create bars that are not equipped for leashes (airush)
      which contributes to the message. If leashes were such a necessity,
      then why are they not so widely used? When you kite with your crew,
      every one looks out for each other. One of the things you look out
      for are lost kites.

      I used a leash when I started. I flew F-One foils. The only times I
      needed the leash, it failed. One incident, the leash broke as soon as
      the bar left my hands (Dakine wrist leash, plastic part broke). The
      other time, the velcro came undone. So I dont put my safety in the
      hands of the manufacturers. I hold onto the bar and never let go.
      This is the one sure way to not lose your kite.

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