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RE: [ksurfschool] Re: Kiteboard selection - buy the Slingshot

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  • Farnsworth, Kenny
    Paul, I haven t tried the Wipika Classic Board. If you can get a Slingshot shipped to you at a reasonable price, it is worth the wait. I have tried 7 or 8
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2000
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      I haven't tried the Wipika Classic Board. If you can get a Slingshot
      shipped to you at a reasonable price, it is worth the wait.

      I have tried 7 or 8 long boards. The big problem with most beginner boards
      is the length. It is no fun carrying a long board up the beach when it is
      windy. The long board works just like a sail and slows your progress when
      walking. Long boards are also a pain in high winds because the wind catches
      them and makes it more difficult to get the board on your feet. This was
      especially the case with the Air Rush Board because it is such a light


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      Thanks for the input. I have called around, and no one around here
      carries that board. I have found a good price for a Wipika classic
      7'3" however, and I am curious to know if you or anyone else has
      tried this board. Thoughts?

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      > I also weigh 175 LBS. I have tried the Air Rush. I own the 7'6"
      Naish sky
      > pirate and the Wake-N-Style from Lightwave Designs. They are all
      > boards, I especially like the Wake-N-Style now that I have some
      > However, for a beginner I would recommend another board. I highly
      > the Slingshot "Little Fat Bast..." I don't think much of the name
      > doesn't appear on the board), but IT IS the board for beginners.
      is 6'2"
      > long and 22" wide. It has a lot of floatation (I think even more
      than the
      > Air Rush or sky pirate), so it is easy to get up and keep going
      if you
      > haven't perfected your kite flying ability. It has four fins, so
      > upwind well. It is easier to haul up the beach than the Air Rush
      > Pirate due to its shorter length. It is easier to learn how to
      due to
      > its shorter length. When you progress to a smaller board, the
      Slingshot is
      > still a great light wind board. Trust me, the Slingshot is the
      board to
      > buy.
      > The Wake-N-Style is a great board and I use it most of the time.
      > it is a little more difficult for a beginner because you need to
      ride more
      > powered up and you need to be more consistent with your kite flying
      to keep
      > it up and going. I think it is easier for a beginner to learn less
      > up on a big floaty board in moderate winds with a big kite.
      > Kenny

      > Hey,
      > The time has come for me to purchase my first board. I think I have
      > it narrowed down (based on what is available) to either a used Naish
      > sky pirate 7'6" or the Airush 7'4". Has anyone ridden both of these
      > and compared? If so, what are your thoughts?
      > I am about 175 pounds and will be using a Wipika 8.5 most days, with
      > wind @10- 15 kts.
      > As well, can anyone suggest any other boards I should be
      > Thanks,
      > Paul

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