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Re: Help on next kite, supersized! REVISED>>>

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  • fernmanus
    S Yes, the big kites are worth it. I own a 16 MastAir and a 16.4 Wipika Airblast. I had a 21.5 ARX, but sold it. Remember the 16.4 AB and the 16 MastAir are
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 25, 2002

      Yes, the big kites are worth it. I own a 16 MastAir and a 16.4
      Wipika Airblast. I had a 21.5 ARX, but sold it. Remember the 16.4
      AB and the 16 MastAir are equivalent to a 22 in Naish sizing

      I ride almost exclusively on the big kites and I can tell you that
      it is a blast. You can ride on smooth water on a small board with a
      big kite. I am a big fan of the 16.4 AirBlast for the following
      1. It has a high AR so you can actually jump with the kite.
      Usually, the jumps are low and long, but you can get some good
      heighth in a gust. Jumps can exceed 200 feet in distance.
      2. You can sine it in very light winds, but most of the time you
      park it and ride.
      3. It is relaunchable. I did a session the other day with 6 lulls
      that required me to relaunch the kite and the 16.4 worked perfectly.
      4. A 4 line inflatable is the way to go. I get more range with the
      16.4 AB than the MastAir. I can stay out on the water when my
      friend is on his 13.5 Naish.

      I have tried the route of using an oversized board and a smaller
      kite. Let me assure you, a big kite and a smaller board is a whole
      lot more fun.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "jamisdiablo69" <slarmee@4...> wrote:
      > Sorry folks, sounds like I wasn't clear enough about my level and
      > what I'm trying to find out. I have been flying kites for over
      > years now, moved from stunt to power kites a year ago, and have
      > kites as big as the 18 MachOnes without problem, powered and yes,
      > scary at times. However, I am not uncomfortable or unaware of
      > I'm doing with big kites and light wind. I know relaunching at
      > sizes is near impossible and is not really a concern as much right
      > now as at least being able to get out and ride. I only mentioned
      > week in Hatteras so you'd know that my only experience isn't just
      > here in NE in light, fluky wind. I rode down there, upwind, down
      > in some serious powered up conditions that made the litewave I was
      > riding on with an Aero 10 unmanageable! And I weigh 200!
      > ANyway, my point is I have experience, not years and years like
      > most of you at least in windsurfing, but I do know well what I'm
      > doing. I was just really hoping to find out if the 20M kite is
      > really worth it or not when compared to a 16 Rhino or something
      > a hydro 11 or 13. I mean, for only $100 I "could" have a kite I
      > more often than a 16M in my area of light winds. But I wanted to
      > if anyone had experience with the 20M sized kites in light wind,
      > exactly how much of a pain in the ass are they in terms of having
      > keep moving and sining, and how they compare with a 9 or 12M foil,
      > which I know is also slow and a pain to work in the light wind,
      > it is the first kite go to when the wind is lightest and I'd
      > put up a four liner. Higher AR I can get used to pretty quick in
      > terms of flying, relaunching may take longer but again, I'm out in
      > shallow water all the time and grabbing the downed Airbus isn't
      > really that big of a pain in the ass where I am as it would be in
      > most spots.
      > So, all I want to know is opinions on large inflats. and if
      > really ever worth it or do I just go with a 16M and wait for more
      > wind...? I know whats probably best, but lonr=term, as I improve
      > imagine I could also hold a 20M kite with a nice, small hard-
      > wakeboard in bindings a lot longer than I can now...
      > plz help, thanks! I know the warriors and mastairs are out there
      > but until I can actually try one to compare to the shadow I'm used
      > I ain't gonna go drop $1000 on one!
      > Thanks again!
      > S
      > --- In ksurfschool@y..., "jamisdiablo69" <slarmee@4...> wrote:
      > > Beginner rider, just spent a week in Hatteras learning basics.
      > > very comfortable flying the large kites, foil and inflat. and I
      > need
      > > a larger light wind kite, although I want to try and get a
      > > used one to save some dough. I weigh 200 lbs, and winds are
      > > 10-20 mph. I have smaller kites already for the high end, just
      > > looking for something to keep me powered up in and around 10-5
      > > Riding on a large Bic or Litewave board usually, then a HanaCrew
      > > smaller.
      > >
      > > Considering good deals on the following: 15.5BT '02 model, kite
      > only
      > > $750.
      > > Rhino 16M, '02, kite only, $650
      > > Or Aero 20M, '02, kite only, $750
      > >
      > > ANy advice or any other good deals I'm missing anyone know about?
      > >
      > > Just not sure if I should spend the extra to go to an 18 or 20,
      > > stick with a slightly safer, smaller 16M...?
      > >
      > > Thanks!
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