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Re: [ksurfschool] Big post - rookie LEI question! Please help.

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  • Kitepower
    Hi V Please download the excellent Flexifoil Storm instruction booklet, set up you lines as described in that booklet.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2002
      Hi V
      Please download the excellent Flexifoil Storm instruction booklet, set up
      you lines as described in that booklet.
      Your 14M kite should have had you easily powered on that large board you
      have, so you must have it really depowered (confirmed by your statement the
      bar is too close for comfort).
      I would say your front lines need to be about 6" longer than they are now
      and you will feel a radical difference in power and steering, be careful.
      Inlataltos and Arcs are esentially the same kite style and are set up in
      very similar ways, except an arcs rear lines must be longer than the fronts
      to get top performance from them.
      Kitermatt gave a pretty clear description on how to adjust your current
      set-up, you use the knots on your leaders to make the approriate
      adjustments. Always use the same knots on the kite, unless you are trying to
      get a bit extra range from your kite.

      Cya and
      Steve McCormack
      open 7 days, every week.

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      From: vytaspass
      To: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2002 1:25 AM
      Subject: [ksurfschool] Big post - rookie LEI question! Please help.

      Hi all, I've been an arc user for a while now and have two LEIs. One
      is a SLingshot 14m and the other is a Naish AR5 9.5m. I just starting
      flying the LEIs recently and have been having problems with them.

      Question, I'm out on Wed with 5 friends:

      Mike - 200lb, 169cm board, Aero12m
      Gareth - 190lb, 200cm directional, Arc630
      Terry - 170lb, 169cm, AB 9m??
      Tim - 210lb, 200cm, ARC840
      Me - 185lb, 215cm, Fuel 14m 2001

      Wind was 15-20mph all day

      All these guys are up, riding all over the place. I can't get enough
      power to do much of anything. I have a stock slingshot bar and lines.
      I set up the lines with the fronts on the second knot from the kite,
      and the rears on the third knot from the kite. This made the fronts a
      few inches shorter than the rears. With the chicken loop fed all the
      way out (front lines the longest), I was barely able to keep my butt
      out of the water on only a half dozen rides spanning over 3 hours.
      What frustration!!!!

      Can anyone tell me what the deal with these LEIs are?

      One rider told me that with LEI, to ride well, the optimal setup is
      to have the Loop fed out (front lines longest), with the bar all the
      way away from you, and the kite generating good power here to ride.
      Then, when riding, pull the bar close to you to jump. This way, the
      bar is far from your body enabling you to turn the kite more easily
      to get up and go. I need confirmation on this since I agree, the bar
      was really close to my body and I found it very difficult to steer
      the kite anywhere with it in this position (I had to pull the bar all
      the way down toward me to get any power). This position was very
      weird and unnatural.

      Any help out there for a new LEI flyer??? Slingshot website says to
      lengthen the front lines if there's not enough power, too.

      (( I was also thinking of cutting off the stock rope and making it
      longer with a stop knot about 6 inches above the chicken loop to
      prevent me from pulling the bar too close to me and that way the bar
      will be further from my body. I'm 6'3" and I like the bar away from
      my body....))


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