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RE: [ksurfschool] Kite Prices

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  • Farnsworth, Kenny
    Prices are ridiculous for new kites. However, used kites are not a great option either. Kites incur so much abuse. You have to be extremely careful whether
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      Prices are ridiculous for new kites.  However, used kites are not a great option either.  Kites incur so much abuse.  You have to be extremely careful whether you are buying a foil or an inflatible (porous fabric, tears, worn lines, leaky bladders, etc).
      The only way the price of kites will go down is if more people get involved in the sport.  Competition and high speed production lines will drive down the price of kites and boards.  Look at mountain biking, a six hundred bike today is better than a $2500 bike 10 years ago.  So, encourage your friends and neighbors to try kite surfing.  If kite surfing does not take off in a big way, it will continue to be a "rich man's" sport like windsurfing.
      I also agree that technique is more important than the equipment.  However, good equipment does reduce the learning curve.
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      I must agree about your comment on kite prices.  While shop owners and manufactures deserve to make a good living, kite prices are currently RIDICULOUS!!!!!  I for one am only buying used now, and anyone who thinks that it's all "about the kite" needs to watch the video 'HIGH' and see these guys getting 40' + on Wipika classics in two line.
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