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Re: Water relaunch inflatable

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  • marko92109
    Hi hung, there is a very easy trick to it that nobody seems to know. Here is how I do it: Once the kite is on its side I hook into the chickenloop and let go
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      Hi hung,

      there is a very easy trick to it that nobody seems to know.

      Here is how I do it:

      Once the kite is on its side I hook into the chickenloop
      and let go of the bar. Now the wind does the rest for me
      I just wait till the Kite is on the edge of the window
      and launch it.

      This trick works the better the more wind you have to work with,
      but I managed to relaunch a 21.5 ARX in 8 mph using this technique.



      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > skywalker66au wrote:
      > > I can get the kite (Wipika Hydro 11) on its back ok by pulling on
      > > back lines and letting go. But I haven't worked out what to do
      > > to get the kite to traverse to the edge of the window. It seems
      > > kite decides which side it wants to go to. It sometimes takes me
      > > while to finesse it to move from dead downwind, is there a special
      > > technique to get things happening faster?
      > This is a very good question. Water relaunching an inflatable
      > need more explanation.
      > After an inflatable is flipped over on its back, there are 3 phases
      to a
      > successful relaunch: the catch-the-wind phase, the
      > sliding-to-the-window-edge phase and the launching phase.
      > The catch-the-wind phase is the least understood. Once an
      inflatable is
      > on its back, somehow a tip/part of the kite has to catch the wind to
      > generate force to turn the kite into a vertical C shape. If one does
      > nothing, the kite either continues to stay on its back or in some
      > fortunate situations, the dynamic of the gust and the water can
      > let it catch-the-wind to get into a vertical C position. The best
      > to let the kite catch the wind is to pull slightly on one of the tip
      > depending on the position of the kite. If the kite is more to your
      > right, pull slightly on the left tip, if the kite is on your left
      > slightly on the right tip (the left/right designation is the same as
      > your bar: pull left end of the bar -> pull the left tip). If the
      > is straight down wind, you can alternatively pull the right or left
      > until one of the tip catch-the-wind - the other alternative is to
      > to one side and then pull slightly on the same tip (swim right and
      > pull slightly the right tip).
      > The transition between the catch-the-wind phase and the
      > slide-to-the-window-edge phase is also the least understood. Once
      > kite has catch-the-wind, one has to immediately release the top tip
      > pull on the bottom tip. This action will allow the top tip to catch
      > more power, allowing it to lift the kite into a vertical C, fully on
      > of the water and slide to the edge of the wind window. Failure to
      > release the top tip soon enough will collapse the kite and it will
      > likely get into a folding-top-tip position or leading-edge-down
      > position.
      > The launching phase is simple, once the vertical C is near the wind
      > window edge, simply pull on the top tip of the kite to launch it
      > skyward. In strong wind, one can launch a higher AR inflatable
      > between the edge of the wind window and straight down wind.
      > Hung.
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