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Re: [ksurfschool] How many deaths/injuries ?

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  • kitesrfer@aol.com
    Hung, Centerline loops have played an important role in many accidents, my own included. Riders need to fundamentally reexamine how they use these devices and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2002

      Centerline loops have played an important role in many accidents, my own
      included. Riders need to fundamentally reexamine how they use these devices
      and safety equipment. I include in safety equipment aftermarket upgrades
      like snap shackles, quick release loops and lines, helmets, impact vests,
      etc. Sound like a pain and stuff you really don't need? Lots of riders
      including some very good ones are learning the harsh truth of the opposite
      along with a fair amount of pain and suffering. The safest way by far to
      approach things is to hold you bar until you are at least 200 m away from
      hard objects. If a strong gust hits or something else goes wrong you just
      drop the bar. Doing this takes more effort and restricts the maximum kite
      size that you can use. What is the use of taking out a larger kite if it
      puts you in the hospital or worse? This will happen to a number of
      kitesurfers, it has already. Something not only to think about but also to
      act on.

      Another big threat to kitesurfing is new folks trying out kitesurfing. That
      is without any proper instruction, often without wrist leashes and playing
      traction kite on the beach among a bunch of bystanders. If you want to play
      on the beach you should use a I say a group of South Africans doing this in
      SE Florida yesterday. They honestly felt that it was nothing worse than
      using a surfboard without a leash. I told them that I had a partitially
      confirmed report of a girl in France that was killed by a runaway bar a
      couple of years ago. Also, crashing the kite down and around bathers and
      bystanders of the beach exposes those people to line cuts or worse. The
      point is they saw it a big toy kite and they were playing with it. Of
      course this same size kite moved a 3300 lb. mini van a foot a few months ago
      in Cape Hatteras. In large part, I give responsibility to the person that
      sold this fellow the used kites. If you are selling used kites, it isn't
      enough just to find a buyer, you owe it to the buyer, other kitesurfers and
      yourself to compel him to take adequate lessons. If not, bans are rising.
      They had an article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal about
      kitesurfing today. It wasn't wholely flattering focusing on turf wars
      between kitesurfers, windsurfers and others. See
      http://online.wsj.com/public/us We really need to take care of these
      problems before the regulators do it for for us.

      Rick Iossi

      << Someone has brought to my attention that they too have heard/observed of
      a number of chicken loop related accidents.

      Since there is no way to know the true numbers, I just made a quick
      browse through the accident database compiled by Rick Ossi and did a
      quick search for "loop" and found at least 5 cases which has the words
      "chicken loop" or "center loop" in them. There are a number of other
      cases where the chicken loop was not explicitly mentioned but it could
      be the culprit as one simply can't unhook from the chicken loop in
      emergency situations ...

      Of course there are more ...

      Good luck!!!


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