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Re: Self launch inflatable

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  • fernmanus
    I also lay down a tarp if launching on rocky soil. ... Snow ... where ... and ... that ... comfortable
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 7, 2002
      I also lay down a tarp if launching on rocky soil.

      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "airdoodle" <matthew.hockin@h...> wrote:
      > Don't forget to
      > > fold the tip in half at the first rib. This is important.
      > I could not agree more, one thing to note (my experience here).
      > does not weigh nearly as much as sand. If you live in an area
      > you plan on going out in the snow, bring a sand bag or other HEAVY
      > item that wil not damage the kite. Use that instead of sand (p.s.,
      > kites go downwind pretty fast on snow with no one in the loop). In
      > fact, if your worried about it or have sharp rocky sand where you
      > live, a nice home made sand bag (you can even make a few for big
      > small kites... but this is probably excessive and might indicate
      > you need a second hobby) fits in the car easy and it is a
      > feeling knowning that you have enough weight on the kite.
      > Matthew
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