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Fwd: Re: Advice on ARC setup/line length/chicen loop/steering doublers

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  • kiteboard2000
    ... Actually I used to think they were the same (I just checked my old notes). In fact, on the aftermarket-wedged 840, I had the center leader 6 LONGER,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2002
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "kiteboard2000" <kitebord@p...> wrote:
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "theflyingtinman" <thorpes@a...> wrote:

      > It sounds to me like your front lines have definitely stretched
      > more than your rears. You used to think the rear lines were longer
      > now they're the same length

      Actually I used to think they were the same (I just checked my old
      notes). In fact, on the "aftermarket-wedged" 840, I had the center
      leader 6" LONGER, when sheeted all the way in! The pre-wedged 840,
      the unwedged 1120 AND the "aftermarket-wedged" 1120 ALL seem to work
      best FOR ME with the same setting: all leaders equal when sheeted all
      the way in).

      > - and you used to have to grab a handful
      > of back leader to launch - now you don't.

      I think that may just be due to practice (paranoia-reduction?). In
      other words, I only THOUGHT I needed to grab my leaders. Do any of
      you other ARC users adjust differently for launching, than for

      > All indications that your fronts have stretched - which is what I'd
      > expect on an Arc - I know the rear line are rated half the strength
      > of the front lines but the rear line have negligible load most of
      > time.

      Good point.

      > Why would you expect them to stretch the same as the fronts?

      Because I hadn't really think it all the way through: Okay, the
      fronts are 600 pound breaking strength (each), & since I'm around 150
      pounds (in a wet harness & wetsuit) they probably average 300 pounds
      total load (about 1/2 the maximum load I could physically exert for a
      short period, or 1/4 the total breaking load). The backs are 300 lb.
      breaking strength (each) & they probably average around 75 lb. total
      load (1/4 of my weight on each arm, or about half the maximum load I
      could exert for an extended period), or 1/4 of the total breaking
      load. Hmmm... Either my guestimates are way off, or maybe I SHOULD
      expect them to stretch about the same. I guess I'd better measure
      them to make sure.

      The bottom line is still the same: If it stalls when you don't want
      it to, shorten the front leader adjustment (or lengthen the rears).
      If it DOESN'T stall, when you DO want it to (launching & landing)
      LENGTHEN the front leader adjustment (or shorten the rears).

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