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Selling outside the family.

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  • ex_cpe
    ... Amazon.com types ... respect for our ... support our ... kiteboarding ... prices MAY even ... Andy: To get one thing off the table - I think Amazon is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2002
      > Well that's great Jim, are you in the habit of supporting
      Amazon.com types
      > in the kitesurfing world who have little or no knowledge OR
      respect for our
      > sport. Will you post kite sales from Amazon next? will they
      support our
      > local Kitesurf associations and forge a path for our secured
      > future? No?
      > Then why give them support, what $ amount is it worth!
      > Sure their just bindings, but it's the principal at stake.
      > Check around KITESURF sites guys, support the industry. The
      prices MAY even
      > be better. I rarely post this sort of stuff but fair go mate.

      Andy: To get one thing off the table - I think Amazon is great.
      Excellent service, reviews, good pricing. The tears are for the
      corner book store, but things have changed for the whole book
      business. We have a local bloke, a three person outfit, who's
      killing it in books on dumbass Ebay because he a specialist in
      turn-of-the-century art and literature. People from all over the
      World find him now. Another antique book seller I know well can
      now publish a list of all the titles he's got for everybody to
      see...he used to have rely on word-of-mouth among a few

      Andy, I understand your problem real well...and it's not me as a
      'big mouth' kite consumer. It's your 'friends' on the other side
      who will open any account who'll buy in three's or more....who
      will sell Walmart or T.J.Max - overage at 25% of what they
      pre-book you for...who'll clear in May - summer goods for half
      what you agreed to pay at Surf Expo and has not yet arrived (in
      the wrong colors and short popular sizes)....companies that
      won't take bum merchandise back - except they will from major
      department stores...and then open outlets on the major roads to
      the beach.

      I made product for the surf trade from the late 80's thru last year.
      We'd get calls from 7-11, beach shops ( recent beach plague)
      and took pride in NOT selling them. By the same token - we did
      not 'protect' one surf shop from another. If you retailers,
      collectively, simply refused to buy from companies who sell off
      the reservation, your business would be more secure.

      Having watched labels like Quik, Gotcha, Rusty, etc. for
      years....somewhat seeing the contraction of windsurfing (I made
      some little things for MISTRAL)...and looking at the explosive
      growth potential of kites - I'd suggest you be a very careful
      businessman..or have a trust fund.

      These guys will run over you without any guilt...unless, counter to
      all your instincts, you develop some sort of trade assn. to set
      some boundries (like no clearance prices 'outside the store'.)
      ..but It may be too late - I've heard of one major label who's
      already created an O&O at Hatteras closing out other regional

      Andy, if you sell LF or O'Brien - I'd call them and ask; "How come
      your shit's in some G.D. computer store!?" ....or, "How come you
      didn't offer me clearance goods first?!"

      Bon chance.

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