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  • Farnsworth, Kenny
    Paul, Mark s advice is good. I just want to clarify a couple points. You can learn on a surfboard, but don t plan on getting any air with a surfboard, a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 12, 2000

      Mark's advice is good. I just want to clarify a couple points. You can
      learn on a surfboard, but don't plan on getting any air with a surfboard, a
      surfboard is not built rugged enough. You will also have a more difficult
      time going upwind. However, if you are just learning to stand up and ride a
      surfboard will be adequate.

      As far as kite selection goes, you will need a very large kite unless the
      wind speed is a bit higher. My largest kite is a 9.3 meter Concept Air New
      Wave Kite. I am able to start kite surfing with around 8 - 10 mph winds,
      but 12 mph is preferable. I weigh 175 LBS. If the wind is over 14 mph I
      move to a smaller kite. I can honestly recommend the Concept Air because I
      have used it (You can read an earlier post on e-groups for a more through
      review). I also have a good friend that is using a Naish 11.5, he just
      purchased a 13.5 and he is considering the 15.5. He likes the Naish and I
      have seen him out surfing when the windsurfers have all packed it in due to
      light wind. I am not going to recommend any other kites because I have not
      tried them. Does anyone else have a big kite that they want to recommend?


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      At 02:53 AM 06/12/2000 -0000, paul.underhill@... wrote:
      >Thanks for the reply. I weigh about 80 Kilos (175 lbs). I took my
      >first lesson in Vancouver, BC. There was hardly any wind when we
      >started, so we used a Wipika 8.5 Classic (AR 2.5). Later, the wind
      >came up (aprox. 15-20?) and we used a Wipika 6.5 Classic.
      >The board consideration is another issue altogether. When I get to
      >that point, I want to figure out if I might be able to buy a board
      >to use for both surfing (which I have only tried once, but loved) and

      I started kitesurfing on a surfboard. If you haven't got used to the straps
      yet on a real kiteboard you'll be able to ride your surfboard with out
      straps. No jumps, of course! But mounting straps and then jumping on a
      regular surfboard is reportedly fatal to the board in a short time. If you
      are really interested in surfing I'd recommend that you buy a surfboard
      first, do both sports on the surfboard, then get a "real" kiteboard that
      will be better not only for jumps but for all aspects of kitesurfing.

      I agree that 10 km/hr is not enough wind to really kitesurf, though with a
      big board (say 8 feet x 20 inches) you should be able to get going a little
      downwind at low to moderate speeds. If the wind is really that light, be
      sure to get a fast kite - one that flies forwards fast. Something like a
      Mosquito Pro KS 9.5. The forward speed of the kite limits the speed you can
      get going, as well as limiting the maximum power of the kite when you're
      swooping it up and down to get more power. Be warned that the wind range of
      a big kite is quite narrow. Also, the faster kites need a little more skill
      to control. You may be better off getting the next size down and waiting
      for windy days. Maybe you can surf on the light wind days and kiteboard on
      the windier ones.

      Mark Frasier

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