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Re: RRD Type iv - Not Happy!

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  • callum_downie
    Thanks Kenny, I think i will do the same, the 11.9 has cost me about 6 good sessions because the damn thing wouldn t fly properly. I am going to swap it for
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 27, 2001
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      Thanks Kenny,
      I think i will do the same, the 11.9 has cost me about 6 good
      sessions because the damn thing wouldn't fly properly. I am going to
      swap it for one of the new airush kites, just don't know what size
      yet. I'm not worried about the slow turning of the kite, just that
      it wasn't smooth and also the amount of bar presure is rediculous.


      --- In ksurfschool@y..., "fernmanus" <fernmanus@y...> wrote:
      > Callum,
      > I have had some of the same problems with my 11.9 RRD. However, I
      > thought it was due to the gusty conditions I usually experience. I
      > have switched to an 8.4 AB and sold my 11.9. My primary
      > considerations were bar pressure and responsiveness. The 8.4 AB
      > requires much less force to sheet in and it is much more
      > The 11.9 also seemed much more prone to falling out of the sky
      > compared to the 8.4. I removed the bridles from my 8.4 and it
      > handles like a dream. However, it does generate a little less
      > than the 11.9.
      > Kenny
      > --- In ksurfschool@y..., "callum_downie" <callum_downie@h...> wrote:
      > > Hey eveyone,
      > >
      > > A few weeks ago I posted about how best to setup an RRD type iv
      > 11.9.
      > > most of the replays I got were from Mel (thanks!)even though mel
      > > hadn't had an 11.9 he had had the 8.X... I have basicly tried
      > > everything, longer backs, shorter backs, sheet out will turning
      > sheet
      > > in while turning.. etc etc. But I still have a problem...
      > >
      > > The problem... If I am a little bit under powered and want to get
      > > nice swoop through the power zone to power up, usually I'd send
      > > kite up and back a little bit (this is when you are already
      > > then turn the kite sharply at the top and bring down and foward
      > > through the power... Problem being when the kite goes high and
      > > try to turn it back down it just does it's ass. It Basicly stalls
      > and
      > > then turns, i.e the kite stops moving and the turns. Basicly that
      > is
      > > no good, how can you power up if you loose all the power becuase
      > the
      > > kite stops. Whats even worse is that the one time I sent the
      > > back to jump (basicly the same motion with the kite) I turn the
      > kite
      > > forward again, and BAM it stops just like before, only problem is
      > > am 15ft in the air, so what happens to me? I fall out of the sky
      > like
      > > a damn brick!!
      > >
      > > Hopefully someone here has something help full to add, I have
      > > everything to get this kite to fly nicely, I even changed the
      > center
      > > leader that was only one line for the two center lines, to be two
      > > because I thought maybe that had some strange effect on the kite,
      > but
      > > that didn't make any difference.
      > >
      > > I don't want people to take this as a bad review for RRD's most
      > my
      > > friends ride them and love them, just this one doesn't seam to
      > > to play ball. Under all other circumstances this kite turns fine -

      > > but I can't jump it because if I do, it's gonna put me in the
      > >
      > > Perhaps the cut was screwed up on this particular kite, who knows,
      > > Please help or this one is going back for a trade in. Hopefully
      > > kite shop will be understanding.....
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > > Callum
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