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  • oceanusreel
    ... We want you to know we ve been listening!! So we re bringing you our NEW 2002 Model of the REEL early! We ve gotten such great feedback from so many
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2001
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "oceanusreel" <oceanusjs@a...> wrote:
      We want you to know we've been listening!! So we're bringing you our
      NEW 2002 Model of the REEL early!
      We've gotten such great feedback from so many kiters...THANKS SO
      MUCH! But, we want to make our REEL even better for you! The plastic
      brackets on the back of the housing...gone now! The bulky hook & pile
      2" webbing strap and 1" harness...gone too! Our new model fits closer
      to the body...no flopping around! The stitch point issue at the leash
      strap and snap hook point...addressed! A smaller trigger swivel hook
      to replace the current swivel snap hook, just around the corner! We
      do understand for kiters strength is the issue and that is our
      We joined the kitesurf yahoogroup to stay on top of your opinions,
      questions or ideas through direct and personal communication with
      After reading so many of your "chats" we really enjoyed all of the
      innovative ideas, and open minded attitude about our REEL. We want
      you to be able to contact us directly with suggestions, questions,
      comments, etc. So "shoot" we're here! Post your message or contact
      us at oceanusjs@a... or go to our website at www.oceanustech.com
      We've been updating our website and we welcome some good kiting photos
      to put up on our site!!!
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