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Re: Light wind kite information??

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  • courchesne@home.com
    -- Hi guys just got a new lite wind board Twin Tip with four fins 170cm. It s made in Ontario Canada by Dan from ( epicboards.com ) it s nice and lite only
    Message 1 of 22 , Dec 2, 2001
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      Hi guys just got a new lite wind board Twin Tip with four fins 170cm.
      It 's made in Ontario Canada by Dan from ( epicboards.com ) it's nice
      and lite only 6.5 lbs.I can use my boot bindings or sandles from my
      other board(wakeboard 143 cm ) the tiwntip is 3/4 " thick by 16" wide
      with very sharp rails good for going upwind and i been told guys use
      it for high winds too . it's made of ( polymer carbon, glass epoxy,
      and heat cured. The best thing about it is it's price in Canadian dollards
      more than half the price from ordering one from the states. Dan gives
      10% off if ordered before spring . Well cant wait to try it out this
      summer and see how well it works. PS like to know if anyone else tried
      and Epic Board ( Twintip, Directional,Wakeboard ) before and how they
      compare to other similar boards ? Ok still waiting for good amount of
      snow to try new snowboard i hope it's here before Christmas holidays.


      - In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > nostalgiker@h... wrote:
      > > Thoughts:
      > > I think i read somewhere in Hung kite school that a small kite that
      > > moves fast generates more power by movment than a bigger kite..
      > > Or im I out on thin ice :)
      > I think you have it right but just to make it clear: a faster kite can
      > generate more power for its size BUT NOT necessarily more power than a
      > larger kite.
      > Hung.
    • nostalgiker@hotmail.com
      ... (projected) * square of speed * Cz ... more surface ofen gives less speed. ... in fact (if I ve well understood...) is dealing ... surface , the more
      Message 2 of 22 , Dec 2, 2001
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        --- In ksurfschool@y..., "frederic dujardin" <fdujardin@f...> wrote:
        > Hi ,
        > Don't forget the equation of wing's lift : air density * surface
        (projected) * square of speed * Cz
        > So kites are much more sensitives to speed than to surface .And
        more surface ofen gives less speed.
        > Don't forget the Cz ratio which is only a number in relation which
        in fact (if I've well understood...) is dealing
        > with the overall shape of the wing and profile .
        > I believe we may interpret this formula as : "for a given
        surface , the more powerfull kite will be the fastest
        > one "
        > So , for 11 m² projected , a good deal would be a good foil !
        > P-s I've just received my Mastair 12 , I was hesitating a moment
        with a 16.4 airblast.
        > No regrets , great kite in my opinion .

        I have been looking at foils just because there faster and lighter
        and proberly have a better performance...But i want to be able to
        handle it and the wind range of a foil is much more narrow thats
        what ive heard...And mayby you have more truble whith bridles tangle
        lines and kollaps kites in air because of gusty wind..Its gusty most
        of the time where i kite...But the mast air seem to be a good kite i
        agree :)If i had steady wind all the time i proberly would bought a
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