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RE: [ksurfschool] Re: 4 season kite???... LIBRE (com)

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  • David Stanek
    Since everyone is trying to suggest some kites.. Libre Bora is an excellent kite for land, but designed to be flown with handles and by experienced riders. We
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      Since everyone is trying to suggest some kites..

      Libre Bora is an excellent kite for land, but designed to be flown with
      handles and by experienced riders. We are JOJO and Libre North American
      distributor and we have lots of hands-on experience with these kites. For
      kiteskiing you should also consider the fabric characteristics - regular
      Skytex (one side coated) absorbs water much faster than Chikara (two sides
      coated) and sometimes ( at least here on west/wet coast) snow gets slushy
      As far as Predator or Blades go - JOJO and LIBRE are even cheaper, better
      made and for sure provide much better power and upwind. I have no problem
      saying that - our results in both kiteskiing ( 2001 WISSA world champion)
      and kitebuggying (1-2-3 USA 2000 & 2001; leaders in Europe since 1997
      including 1-2-3 in 2001) speak for itself.

      (We have replacement bridles for 3-line bar kiteskiing modification for all
      JOJO kites and we should be able to offer this option to Boras as well)

      David Stanek

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      Hi, Apologies all for talking about land based kites
      here - delete if not interested

      Rob sorry if I gave you the impression that Libre
      Bora's can be used on water. They are designed
      specifically for land. They do not work well with a
      control bar, due to a fancy reactive bridle system.

      If money is not an option then a couple of the best
      land based kites would be a Predator mkIII, or Libre
      http://www.libre.de/start.htm (they also OEM the PL

      http://www.skykites.demon.co.uk/ (predator - truly
      awesome kite)

      heres a link to some of the manufacturers

      Now, I have never flown an Arc, but, I have heard that
      kites such as the Rhea foil have better handling
      characteristics, its worth investigating. There are a
      number of other manufacturers who have water based ram
      air foils out this year, they are based more on the
      shape of land based kites and therefore more efficient
      than the inflatable or inflatable shaped kites (such
      as the arc)

      [disclaimer - all comments in this mail come from a
      complete novice who should not be listened to, I am
      not resposible for anything]

      --- Rob Campbell <rcam001@...> wrote:
      > Thanks everyone
      > I'm new to computers (thought I posted to kites not
      > kiteSURF)
      > Survey says Libre and Blades are my best option for
      > temp. ranges on solid
      > and liquid surfases..any advice on solid only.
      > Tanks
      > Rob
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