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Re: Short lines or long lines thats the ........??? DAzed and confused????

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  • nostalgiker@hotmail.com
    ... you re barely ... better than ... extend the ... existing ... would ... (they d ... reported to work ... Thanks for explaining it once again ..It seems
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 26, 2001
      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Mel <kitebord@p...> wrote:
      > You can go upwind better with 20s IF you're powered up, but if
      you're barely
      > powered up enough to park the kite on 40s, they you'll go upwind
      better than
      > with 20s (because you'd be underpowered on the 20s).
      > I think this discussion started by a suggestion of short lines to
      extend the
      > high end of a big kite (to reduce the gap before switching to an
      > small kite), which I countered with a suggestion that long lines
      > extend the low end range of that small kite by a greater amount
      > reduce the gap more).
      > Flowbees, Skytes, & the soon-to-be-released Chinook are all
      reported to work
      > at any length setting.
      > Mel

      Thanks for explaining it once again ..It seems right to have longer
      lines so you have more area to work whith..Especially if the wind is
      a little gusty wich it tends to be most of the time where i kite..
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