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Re: [ksurf] Re: deadman safty with snap shackle

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  • Mel
    Julian ... spreader ... Check out the group file photos of MelMods Version 2. Now just replace the blue center adjustment strap with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2001
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      Julian <wolfe.design@...>

      > I follow what you described with the photos in the files i think i have it
      > all locked in. Only doubt is the adjuster strap (now a rope) to the
      > bar. Please run through this roap and where it fixes etc,

      Check out the group file photos of MelMods Version 2. Now just replace the
      blue center adjustment strap with a plain leader line, with a cleat
      adjustment*. Go one step further & mount that adjustment cleat directly to
      a Reactor bar, so all you have in front of you is a line, with a bowline at
      the top. Now the Wichard (with one flying line attached) "snaps" into that
      bowline loop (since IT doesn't need a stainless ring to release reliably).
      The other ("leashed") line feeds through the fixed end of the Wichard (so
      when it's released the Wichard will slide up that line), & lark's heads
      around the front leader, under the bowline.

      *I never liked cleats for an iflatable, but it's no big deal to stop & use
      both hands to adjust an ARC, since it rarely needs to be adjusted (even over
      its entire wind range) AND it flies itself while being adjusted.

      > and where is this
      > little bras snap schackle?

      The little brass snap shackle is something I first used as a primary release
      (see original MelMods group file photos), then as a secondary release
      (complete release from the leash as in MelMods version 2), & now I only use
      the Wichard, set up nearly exactly as pictured in Version 2 (only
      differences are that I eliminated the stainless ring, since the Wichard
      releases reliably from a bowline loop, and I now lark's head the
      non-releasing "leashed" line BELOW that bowline loop).

      > I don't use it as i don't fly sled kites i fly Arc's although you could
      > argue that it is a sled but then it's not an inflatable.

      I believe technically an ARC is a sled. As for control systems there's not
      much difference: I just prefer webbing for inflatable adjustment (since it
      needs to be adjusted more often, & is harder to fly the kite at the same
      time), & use no harness lines & a weaker bar for an ARC (since there's so
      much less bar load).

      > Arc's rock! Your
      > new bar unit i must try. What length of bungy do you use to connect the
      > (bungy bar leash)

      I ended up with about 2' (24", 61cm). It depends on bar length (mine is
      about 27") & sheeting/steering range (which depends on kite size & whether
      or not you've moved the rear line attachment points forward).

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