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  • Farnsworth, Kenny
    Tom, If you don t have the video Kiteboarding: How to Rip , I suggest buying it. The video describes how to relaunch a Naish kite in some detail. It also
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2000

      If you don't have the video "Kiteboarding: How to Rip", I suggest buying it.
      The video describes how to relaunch a Naish kite in some detail. It also
      covers safety issues, how to ride up wind, etc.

      Paul, gave you some good advice on how to relaunch the Naish kite. It takes
      some practice to learn how to relaunch the kite every time, especially in
      light winds. The first time I went kite surfing, I spent over two hours
      trying to relaunch my kite.

      I can answer one of your questions. When you swim (or walk) towards the
      kite when the leading edge is on the water, the lines are detensioned and
      the kite will flip over and you will be able to move it up to the edge of
      the window by pulling your bar hard to one side. Another way to do the same
      thing is to pull the bar over your head then quickly put in down on the
      water. I usually hold the bar even when I am detensioning the lines.

      One other thing to remember when relaunching the kite in light winds is to
      make sure that your hands are in the proper position and that the lines are
      no longer crossed when the kite is about to launch. Sometimes you will
      cross hands as you are monkeying around trying to get the kite off the
      water. If your hands are reversed or if the lines are crossed, you will
      have a difficult time controlling the kite once it lifts off the water.

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      Thanks to all. ... Paul., why do you twist the line, spin the
      bar, sometimes in light air?. .... When you swim towards the kite to
      get it to fall backwards a bit. Do you keep the bar pointed at the
      kite? Until it rolls to launch. .... When the winds light and i'm
      antsy to go kiting, I'll play with this, and see what happens. Thanks

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