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Re: [ksurfschool] Inflatables and foils

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  • Mel
    I d like to insert a few comments about the ARC ... ARC s wind range is equal to inflatable s. ... The same should be true for ARCs (basically the same
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2001
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      I'd like to insert a few comments about the ARC

      Hung Vu <hungvu@...> wrote:

      > 1- Inflatables' wind range are still slightly higher than foils (unless
      > you have the sled/foil bridle)

      ARC's wind range is equal to inflatable's.

      > 2- Foils are much more durable than inflatables (a foil can last as long
      > as 2-3 generations of inflatables)

      The same should be true for ARCs (basically the same construction, but I
      haven't had mine long enough to test long term durability).

      > 3- Foils are so fast that you can use 40 m line and still retain the
      > same timing as inflatable on 30m line (what this mean is that you can
      > increase the lower wind range of a foil)

      ARCs are only slightly faster than inflatables, so that would be one
      favorable foil characteristic the ARC does NOT share.

      All the following are pretty much the same for ARCs as for foils...

      > 4- It takes more time to relaunch an inflatable but it is more reliable
      > 5- Foils are so easy to relaunch but don't leave them on the water for
      > so long.
      > 6- Foils require so little maintenance that it would make some
      > kitesurfers avoid inflatables.
      > 7- Foils jump higher but require more precise timing

      ...but I must admit that none of my inflatables required much maintenance.

      Other differences between ARCs & inflatables are:

      - Lighter to carry, and even smaller to transport & store (compared to an
      inflatable with full ribs)

      - Self-inflating (while you unwind the lines): - No pump to wear or lose.
      - No bladders to leak or burst.
      - No valves to fail.

      - Easy to safely launch & land solo (even straight downwind) on water OR
      land (like a 4-line foil, but with NO bridles to tangle).

      - STABLE at zenith.
      (Eyes & BOTH hands available for any other task)

      - VERY light bar load: - NO harness lines needed.
      (not even bungees!)
      - Nearly no adjustment needed over full windrange
      (comfortable to ride even fully sheeted in)
      - Bar can be thin, light, & cheap,
      and no boomgrip is even needed!

      - Virtually NO load once released to the leash, in ANY wind speed, on water
      OR land.

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