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RE: [ksurfschool] High performance water foils is it for me ?

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  • Greg Finlay
    Hi Claude, I m a rank beginner, having only time so far this summer to get body dragging on my Concept Air New Wave 6, I also tried the JoJo Wet 8 (I think it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2001
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      Hi Claude,

      I'm a rank beginner, having only time so far this summer to get body
      dragging on my Concept Air New Wave 6, I also tried the JoJo Wet 8 (I think
      it was) at the Wasaga Beach Demo Day.
      I was impressed with the control of the JoJo and their depowering bridle
      arrangement. It works really well! The general flying and relaunching
      qualities seemed about the same or slightly better than the New Wave, but
      again, I don't have a lot of experience. I did email Concept Air on
      "improving" their depowering bridle arrangement, but they haven't responded.
      Using the longer bar from the NW12 on the NW6 really improved the turning
      response (after the brake line broke on the 6, YIKEES!!!) Had I flown the
      JoJo Wet before I bought a New Wave 12, I likely would have bought the
      largest JoJo Wet model and may yet do so for it's better (IMHO) depowering
      arrangement. The 12 seems like a BIG kite, so I'm a little nervous about
      flying it if the wind should suddenly pick up. (Old&Chicken beginner here

      I watched the Rage10 fly and it is a sight to behold. I may hold off buying
      something between the NW 6 and 12 that I currently have until my skill
      improves for that one.


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      Subject: [ksurfschool] High performance water foils is it for me ?

      Thanks Hung for your insight , I'm not sure of seeing the Concept Air

      High performance EX on there Web site theres no way to read info on

      this one maybe call the dealer . As for the Rage from JoJo 12.o is a

      bit bigger than JoJo Wet 10.0 for light winds but isn't the hight

      performance Rage much more difficult to water start fast than the Wet.

      I will get later this week some older foil from a rep near buy who as

      4 used one's for sale , a Small one for winter winds, 3.o 4.0 5.0 7.0

      For my first year of kite furfing in 7 to 12 knots, i want a reliable

      easy kite to fly, set up , beach and water launch, and it might be

      good for winds of 4 to 8 knots in winter on snowboard.

      So you are saying that the Concept Air you have 12.5 is not a New wave

      but a EX model . Did you get to compare between New Wave and Ex in a

      kite about the same size ? And isn't like comparing to AR3.5 sled,

      lo aspect ratio to the hight aspect ratio AR5 which is from what i

      have read is much more difficult to water launch but does react faster

      So if you are experience enough a guy should go with the largest kite

      possible for light winds with hight aspect ratio like the JoJoRage

      12.0 or the 12.5 EX from Concept Air. But for a beginner would it be

      better with JOJO Wet 10.0 or ConAir 11.3 maybe 12.5 i dont know ?

      oh well got to go to bed now , see you .

      Claude. better known as ( Jonnykitesurfer ) PS Please reply

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