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Re: [ksurfschool] Cabarete was great!!

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  • kitesrfer@aol.com
    Eric, Glad you had a good trip. I was there about a month ago and did the moped commute to kite beach each day as well. It really is a great place for
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 1, 2001

      Glad you had a good trip. I was there about a month ago and did the moped
      commute to kite beach each day as well. It really is a great place for
      kitesurfing. I think that the winds are pretty reliable through the summer.
      Low pressure systems take away from the afternoon winds I understand but
      fortunately they don't come along that often in the summer time. The winds
      are not as high as in Maui, nor as gusty, but they do come up in the 20 to 30
      mph range almost daily, every afternoon. For starting kitesurfers as well as
      well experienced ones it is a treat to go there.

      Good winds,

      << Hung,

      I just came back from Cabarete and it could not have been better!!

      The key is to go to the kitesurfing beach which is a 2 minute moped
      ride from the main bay. That is where the kitesurfing schools
      operate. The beach there was vast, with lots of downwind potential.

      I was there fot 10 days, and it blew consistently everyday. This was
      in July. I cannot attest to the other months, but June and July are

      Even the pros from Mauii were impressed.

      --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > This is a very interesting question. Let me try to define the
      > for the best place for kitesurfing (in order of importance)
      > 1- Consistent constant wind (within the range of 10 - 40 knots) year
      > round (you should be able to kitesurf 7 out of 7 days you go
      there). If
      > the wind is too strong, you can kitesurf in the lighter wind period
      > the day (normally in the morning at most places) or use a smaller
      > and/or shorter lines.
      > 2- Lots of empty beach space (Carabette is terrible as there
      are "tons"
      > of people on the beach)
      > 3- Lots of down wind space (Cabarette is terrible as the windsurfers
      > reserve all the bay and the kitesurfers have only 100 m of down wind
      > space)
      > 4- WARM water
      > 5- Water quality
      > 6- Good food, drink (this item may be controversial ;-)
      > 7- Wave (I don't think it's that important and has never really
      > kitesurfing in wave as much as windsurfing in wave)
      > Etc.,
      > Hung.
      > notalreadyinusebysomeoneelse@y... wrote:
      > >
      > > It sounds like there are quite a few good places to kitesurf in SE
      > > Asia. I heard that there are several good places in Indonesia,
      > > But being a total beginner with no prior experience in windsurfing
      > > either, I can't tell what constitutes a good place to kite and
      > > doesn't (I'm only starting to learn how the winds work with
      > > kites). I guess I can't just show up at some remote stretch of
      > > with wind and try to kitesurf?
      > >
      > > By the way, does anyone know anything about kitesurfing in
      > > Singapore?
      > >
      > > Stephie
      > >
      > > --- In ksurfschool@y..., Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > > > From http://www.surfasia.com/vietnam/index.html it sounds like
      > > > Thiet is one of the best place to kitesurf ("From November to
      > > the
      > > > wind blows from N-NE often 25 knots, sometimes up to 40. The
      > > of the
      > > > year is S-SW 15 knots sometimes 25"). N-NE and S-SW are side-
      > > winds
      > > > at Phan Thiet.
      > > >
      > > > As far as I can remember when I was a kid, Phan Thiet has the
      > > > warm-water, wide, long, empty beach in the world (as you can
      see in
      > > some
      > > > of the pictures)
      > > >
      > > > I am thinking of forgetting about my career, kiteskiing and go
      > > there to
      > > > start a kitesurfing club/school! Will you guys come?
      > > >
      > > > Hung.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >>
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