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  • Doug Kitchen
    Hi, I am a begineer kitesurfer and would like to to thank everyone for the help and information I have reieved from this site.I have been windsurfing for 20
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2001
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      Hi, I am a begineer kitesurfer and would like to to thank everyone for the
      help and information I have reieved from this site.I have been windsurfing
      for 20 years, have been to all the top spots,I have lived on Maui for three
      years but I want to share this info with you. I just got back from Cuba,it
      blew 20- 25 knts everyday.After searching much I found the perfect beach.
      The winds were side on shore and the water was very shallow,1-3, ft all the
      way to the reef,l and calm also,on the reef it was breaking really
      nice,probably 3-6 feet measured from the backside.The Cuban people
      arewonderfull,the only problem I hadwas they were too friendly ,everybody
      wanted to help you and unlike other countries they wanted nothing in
      return,only their knowledge what live is like in the other worald.Prices
      are cheap, a nice room is only $15.00 a nite,this is a nice room,
      airconditiond and everything,the people go out of there ways to help you,a
      beer is only one dollar in any bar, a bottel of rum$2.00.Did I mention the
      Cuban girls, the best in the world.If you want any more info please contact
      me at dkitchen2002@....S Iam a Bahamian but it is no problem
      for a U.S. citizen to go there
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      > 1. Re: Foil drag :)
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      > 2. Best Place to Learn
      > From: fernmanus@...
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      > Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 15:44:54 -0000
      > From: ronvh_work@...
      > Subject: Re: Foil drag :)
      > They are all round - but as it expands into a given shape it would
      > deform - example the LEI bladder on the kite is not curved untill it
      > is forced to by the skin of the sleeve on the kite.
      > Cheers
      > Ron
      > --- In ksurfschool@y..., kitebord@p... wrote:
      > > --- In ksurfschool@y..., ronvh_work@h... wrote:
      > > > Maybe the transition skin wouldn't have to be empty - it could
      > > > perhaps be filled with a shaped bladder. (Presuming the extra
      > > > performance justified the extra weight
      > >
      > > I think they're all round now because it's pretty hard to make a
      > > light bladder with a "non-round" cross section.
      > >
      > > Mel
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      > Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:21:53 -0000
      > From: fernmanus@...
      > Subject: Best Place to Learn
      > I have traveled to several popular kiteboarding destinations. I
      > wanted to report on the best locations for learning. I think that
      > you have to take several factors into account when determining a good
      > place to learn such as wind quality, downwind area, availibility of
      > instruction, cost, water quality, crowds (both number of kite surfers
      > and people on the beach). I wish to rank the following areas based
      > on my experience on a scale of (1 - 10):
      > Maui (kite beach)
      > Wind Quality: 5 Advantages it is nearly always windy, dis - it is
      > gusty, strong wind - not good for a beginner
      > Downwind area: 5 limited with some water obstacles
      > Availibility of Instruction: 10 Plenty of instructors available
      > Cost: 3 expensive to get there and for instruction
      > Water Quality: 3 just upwind of a sewage treatment plant - yuck!
      > Crowds: 5 not many people on the beach, but loads of kite surfers.
      > The big advantage to Maui is that you can watch the pros.
      > Oahu (Kailua)
      > Wind Quality: 8 Advantage: moderate steady winds Disadvantage is that
      > it is not always windy especially in the winter
      > Downwind area: 10 Long crescent beach
      > Instruction: 10 Plenty available
      > Cost: 4 expensive just like Maui, but more package deals are available
      > Water Quality 10 warm and clean
      > Crowds: 3 often a lot of people on the beach and out kite surfing.
      > Long Beach (Belmont Shores)
      > Wind Quality: 8 The best I have seen, the kite just sits above your
      > head in the neutral position. However, it is not always windy
      > Downwind area: 10 big expansive area
      > Instruction: 8 at least 1 guy available right there on the beach
      > Cost: 10 cheap to fly to LA from most of the US
      > Water Quality: 3 dirty with trash in the water
      > Crowds: 10 not too many kiteboarders and few people on the beach
      > St. Martin (Orient Beach)
      > Wind Quality: 6 inconsistent
      > Downwind area: 6 but finding a place to land the kite is difficult
      > Instruction: 4 limited because the French instructor speaks a limited
      > amount of English
      > Cost: 3 Expensive to get there, but instruction is cheap
      > Water Quality: 10 warm, clean turquoise water
      > Crowds: 2 not many kiteboarders, but lots of topless sunbathers
      > My pick for learning is Belmont, closely followed by Kailua. I
      > haven't tried C Street in Ventura, CA or Cape Hatteras yet. I have
      > heard great things about both of those locations. Or you could come
      > to Utah (where I live) and learn in a stinky, shallow lake with
      > inconsistent wind and lots of sagebrush.
      > Kenny
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