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ARCs (was Foils and gusty wind NOT A myth!)

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  • Mel
    ... If a modern ARC is constructed the same as the modern foils you re referring to, that could account for mine relaunching better than you experienced with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2001
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      Hung Vu <hungvu@...> wrote:

      > ...most closed-cells foil or Arc would absorb so much water that would
      > render them un-relauncheable when the wind pick up. .... I notice that
      > modern closed cell foils float better and are constructed better allow
      > them to stay on the water longer.

      If a modern ARC is constructed the same as the "modern foils" you're
      referring to, that could account for mine relaunching better than you
      experienced with older foils. Have you compared their constructions?

      > I had only one experience with the Arc kiteskiing in the winter in very
      > light wind. We could relaunch foil easily (both LE up and LE down) and
      > could not relaunch the Arc in that light wind (LE down).

      As I mentioned, I couldn't get mine to stay down long enough to try the
      reverse relaunch on the water! Remember that "conventional" inflatables
      (without reverse launch bridles) won't launch very well off snow either, but
      they launch great off water.

      > P.S., I am very intrigued about the novelty of the Arc and always try to
      > think of a reason to buy one. I select inflatable for its reliable
      > water relaunch and decent performance; I select a foil for higher
      > performance/higher jump and light wind. Can someone shred a light why
      > would I buy/try an Arc

      Reliable waterlaunch & decent performance like an inflatable.
      Instantaneous sheeting like an inflatable, but ALWAYS available (bar
      pressure is so low you don't need harness lines).
      Small & light to transport & store like a foil.
      Easy setup like a foil (just sand the TE, open the vent, unwind the lines,
      close the vent & go).
      Easy solo landing like a foil (just back it straight downwind, drop the bar
      & snap the leash onto your board, all in ANY windspeed).
      Automatic gust handling, like no other kite*.

      *Actually Banshee/Kiteski has this feature, but without any manual sheeting.

      > (stacking for light wind is not it as it sounds
      > pretty complex and difficult)

      I thought the same thing myself, but from all the reports it's very easy
      with ARCs*. All you need is four 7m lines (2 of them about 7" longer, for
      the brakes) that can be easily tied from Q-Power line, & can even be left
      lark's headed to one of the kites for next time (so you can still easily use
      the other one in the mean time). As a light wind pioneer, who likes huge
      kites, I'd think you'd be VERY interested, especially with the stack's
      inherent maneuverability (did my explanation make sense? If not, just think
      of it like a biplane - popular for stunts, due to greater maneuverability).
      *most likely due to ARC's stability & insensitivity to tuning errors, since
      other kites are notoriously difficult to stack.

      Can we now add:
      Stackable, for HUGE projected area with the response of a MUCH smaller kite.

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