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Re : Advice needed here plz

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    hello Use the 9.5 ARX
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2001
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      Use the 9.5 ARX

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      > Message: 1
      > Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:00:41 -0000
      > From: mikeiacovides@...
      > Subject: Advice needed here plz
      > G'day
      > Can somebody give me some advice on the following plz:
      > I started exploring kitesurfing a couple of months ago. After a couple
      > of sessions with a stunt kite I moved on to a Naish 5.5 AR5 with which
      > I practice every week-end ever since. I know that's not a beginners
      > kite and can be a dangerous at times especially in high winds, however
      > I had no other option. Kitesurfing here is still very new and kites
      > are in short supply. The local dealer expects to have new kites
      > delivered in about a week (after a months+ waiting) and I'm still
      > trying to decide WHICH KITES TO FINALLY BUY? (the 5.5 is not mine - I
      > borrowed it from a friend until I get my own).
      > At first I was convinced I should go for the R3 size 7 but after
      > spending time with the 5.5 AR5 - including endless hours of body
      > dragging, water re-launching in deep waters (that took me a while to
      > learn), water starting - I now feel I should go for the ARX, right?
      > I'm now at a stage where I can easily get into position for water
      > starting but once on the board I find it difficult on keep my balance
      > and plan/go (although I've done it few times) mainly due to lack of
      > practice and due to the small size of the kite which means I have to
      > go out in stronger winds - something which I did not have the chance
      > to do often here, and when I did go out in strong winds the sea was
      > choppy which made things even more difficult!
      > I'm planning to buy two kites, so which of the following shall I go
      > for ???
      > ARX 5.5/7.5/9.5/11.5 ???
      > I weight 61kg, a have a 6'6'' Cabrinha (5-fin 'Autopilot') directional
      > board and I have noticed that, when it blows, winds here are usually
      > in the range of 8-22knots (occasionally upto 25/30).
      > In my opinion def the 7.5 and perhaps the 9.5, what do you think ??
      > What wind range would I cover with each kite ??
      > Thx
      > Mike
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