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Testing the EX's 12.5

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  • Hung Vu
    I tried my new Concept Air EX s 12.5 m2 (the high performance opened cell not the closed cell Wave version) in very little wind (inflatable couldn t fly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2001
      I tried my new Concept Air EX's 12.5 m2 (the high performance opened
      cell not the closed cell Wave version) in very little wind (inflatable
      couldn't fly properly and even my EX's foil dropped at the end of the
      session - this indicated the wind speed was around 5 knots and then
      dropped below 3 knots - my wind meter ran out of battery :-(

      First we tuned the kite for power and I was amazed at the amount of pull
      the kite generated in such little wind; however, this setting did not
      work as I immediately discovered that I needed more kite speed than more

      Second, we tuned the kite for speed and that I was amazed when I started
      planning real fast on my board. This session has proved a few points:

      1- It's OK to use a small board in light wind, just use a larger kite
      (I was using the 5'9" Clam Sandwich instead of my regular light wind
      FOne 230)
      2- In light wind, use a FASTER kite not a more powerful kite (if your
      kite is tunable like the Concept Air EX's, tune it for SPEED not power)
      3- In light wind, use longer lines (I was using 150' lines)
      4- You don't necessarily go down wind in light wind if you have a kite
      fast enough and powerful enough
      5- With a kite fast and powerful enough you can lock the kite in light
      wind (and don't have to sine)
      6- You go many more times wind speed in light wind than in strong wind
      7- 4-5 knots is the current absolute minimum for kitesurfing as in 3
      knots even the foils can barely fly properly (unless they can make
      faster, lighter kites in the future)

      P.S., I am 125 lb., 5'9". To repeat the same experiment, someone 170
      lb., 6'1" would need a 17 m2 foils and a 6'1" board; someone 200 lb. and
      6'4" would need a 20 m2 foil and a 6'4" board. Note that the Air Blast
      16.4 and the Naish 23 is roughly equivalent to the EX's 12.5.

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