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Fw: Urgent Kite News

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  • Andy Heaton
    Ahhhrrrgg! Got me!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2001
      Ahhhrrrgg! Got me!

      <<<Kitesurfing Banned at Kailua Beach!!!

      Today could have been your last kitesurfing session.

      Kitesurfing was not bannned, however everyone should realize it was
      a very close vote by the Kailua Neighborhood Board.   Several kitesurfers
      attended the Thursday Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting.  We were
      caught off guard when the Kitesurfing Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) chairman
      made a motion to the board to ban kitesurfing at Kailua Beach until such
      time  a Kailua Bay capacity study is completed or rules/regulations are placed
      in effect by the DLNR/city to govern kitesurfing.  It was only by a
      narrow margin that the motion did not pass and a recommendation to
      ban kitesurfing was not sent to the DLNR/City for action.  I think this
      incident should serve as a good wakeup call to all kiters in Kailua Bay. 
      Next time you see someone not being safe and responsible or you
      decide to jibe in the shore break, think what it would be like to never
      kite in the warm waters of Kailua Bay again. 

      This decision came as a shock to myself and the other members at the
      meeting.  We had full representation at the Kitesurfing Permitted
      Interaction Group and felt that it was a very positive meeting for all
      sides.  We did not expect the chairperson to motion for a ban of kitesurfing
      in the bay.  In part the motion was to force the State's hand to perform
      a capacity study on Kailua Bay in order to determine just how many
      activities the bay can handle.  Additionally, the motion was to force the state and
      city to work together to make a decision on kitesurfing.  At this time I believe
      we are better off working with the state/city than putting them in a
      position that forces a decision.

      The other motion made to the board was to stop the expansion of all
      commercial activities (kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc) in
      Kailua Bay.  This motion passed by a wide margin and will be recommended
      to the DLNR and City Parks and Rec.

      Now more than ever the Hawaii Kiteboarding Association members must
      lead by example and help kiters to understand why we have the rules in
      place.  Personal involvement and ownership is very important at this stage.  Is it
      worth it to you to allow your favorite spot to be banned by an uninformed
      kitesurfer or one that doesn't follow the rules?

      More to follow
      Erik Eck
      Vice President HKA

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