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Re: [ksurfschool] SAFETY Body Dragging......

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  • Martyn_Gilson-1@sbphrd.com
    Nice story, really made me laugh. Also remember that in California when your body dragging, try not to look like a seal. Saw the Discovery channel recently
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2000
      Nice story, really made me laugh.

      Also remember that in California when your body dragging, try not to look like a
      seal. Saw the Discovery channel recently about those Great White Sharks that
      frequent that area. Superb beasts but I'd rather they bite me than the kite,
      the buggers have no concept of how much these things cost!:-)

      cobblessa@... on 29-Apr-2000 16:23

      Please respond to ksurfschool@egroups.com

      To: ksurfschool
      cc: (bcc: Martyn Gilson-1/DEV/PHRD/SB_PLC)
      Subject: [ksurfschool] SAFETY Body Dragging......

      Hi to all....
      Its Saturday Morning in S. Cali....
      Predictions are dismal for wind this weekend so maybe
      a boating/wakeboarding weekend...
      Just something that may be of interest to anyone who's
      at my level of kiteboarding-----fresh off the shelf...
      I should mention that I surf, snowboard and waterski.
      Having these disciplines in ones arsenal- so to speak,
      is obviously useful.
      Kiteboarding is a perfect addition !!!(addiction)

      Anyway....Spending 3 sessions on the beach flying the
      kite in light to moderate winds taught me about the
      windows, neutrals and the Almighty Power Zone. This
      basic "steering" knowledge now allows me absolute
      control over the kite....]
      Then I went to Lake Mead for 3 days.Renowned for its
      afternoon winds, we went prepared.
      True to form, Saturday Morning was howling!!!!!
      A 220 lb friend of mine, also a beginner, tried
      launching from the beach and very nearly got badly
      dragged over the rocky shoreline....Word of
      warning....respect the wind...Kites are awsomely
      strong.....when the kite is in the air....don't assume
      anything, concentrate on safety!!!!!!
      Back to my story....
      After the close-call we loaded up Christiaans prosport
      centre console wakeboat(lots of space to move around
      in on deck) and headed out into the middle of the
      Lake.....away from land...
      Now remember its blowing 25+ and no land for 1 mile
      ....This is a blast...
      P.S. this is where that darn reelcontrol bar is soooo
      needed...cause we"re going back Memorial.
      Yeah we tangled lines and held onto the AR5. 9.5
      with all we had....finally it was in the air...way
      tricky from the boat, but im sure we'll get better
      with practice...
      Well we got draged and launched./....pummelled,, and
      whipped....im only 160lbs and i was in the air most of
      the time just trying to hold on....Knowing that land
      was outta reach.....allowed me to get right into the
      ZONE and experience the worst of it...This taught me
      real quick to "feel" where the kite was as most of the
      time the body-spray was whipping in my eyes ,,,so
      vision of any kind was limited...

      we played hard the whole weekend and even though the
      board stayed on the racks....we learned invaluable
      lessons...next time, We're up and riding - this is a
      great sport but please be careful if you're just
      beginning.....BE SAFE!!!

      --- Chris Peters <souldaddy@...> wrote:
      > I see most of you disagree.
      > I am sorry for my tone. This is certainly the most
      > polite newsgroup I
      > belong to. The message did come across as someone
      > only sharing an ad.
      > Again, I'm sorry, and I'll turn on attachments.
      > chris

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