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Re: [ksurfschool] Mountainboards?

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  • Mark Frasier
    Jeff Quick and several other guys from the kitesurf list mountainboard when there s not enough wind for real kitesurfing. Jeff posted a video of himself
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2001
      Jeff Quick and several other guys from the kitesurf list mountainboard when
      there's not enough wind for "real" kitesurfing. Jeff posted a video of
      himself kitemtnboarding in the files section of that list, I think. A few
      nice spins in that video.

      Mark Frasier

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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Mountainboards?

      > Hi All,
      > Any other people riding mountainboards. I've been having a riot at the
      > local soccer fields with mine.
      > I've done jumps reaching 6'+. I've even been doing a lot of 360's...etc.
      > I originally had fears of doing jumps, hitting hard, and getting hurt. I
      > found that even screwing up jumps, and getting dragged. Just covered me
      > in grass with no harm done as long as the proper safety equipment was
      > worn.
      > I'm not suggesting that a newbie go out and try to do jumps and tricks
      > on one, but I think that's it's a great way to get a few runs in after
      > work at a field that's only a few minutes from your house. I also think
      > that all the skills used will directly cross-over into Kitesurfing. (If
      > you mess up you don't have to swim in)
      > If you do try it. Be safe and wear safety equipment. I wear Elbow Pads,
      > Knee Pads, gloves, and a good helmet. Wrist guards and Hip Pads are a
      > good suggestion too. Also pay attention to the people there. I get a lot
      > of people stopping to watch and I make sure that they stand upwind of
      > where I'm doing runs. You don't want to put bystanders in danger. Done
      > responsibly I think it's a fun activity.
      > If you're already riding Mountainboards......let me know. I'd love to
      > hear from you.
      > Mike Berends
      > Calgary, Alberta
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