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Re: [ksurfschool] Re: [Fwd: [cankitesurf] The biggest Ram Air wing onmarket.]

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  • Hung Vu
    ... You can get the closed cell version of the Concept Air 12.5 or 16 (the EX s Wave version not the regular EX s) that would make it as relauncheable as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2001
      cglazier@... wrote:
      > Hung
      > Interesting. Tell us how you like the 12.5. I assume that it is an EX
      > style kite. Unfortunately I am not yet at the level where I would go
      > out with a non water relaunchable kite.
      > So does that leave my choices for relaunchable light wind kites
      > (under 10 knots) just the big Wipika Airblasts, or the old Mosquito
      > 9+ ?
      > (The ARC 1120 and New Wave 9.3 are probably not big enough.)
      > Is there any other kite that I should be considering for light
      > Vancouver winds?

      You can get the closed cell version of the Concept Air 12.5 or 16 (the
      EX's Wave version not the regular EX's) that would make it as
      relauncheable as the Mosquito or the New Wave.

      There is no such thing as a non water relauncheable foil. When there is
      adequate wind, one should be able to relaunch an opened cell foil fairly
      easily. Of course you have to do that skillfully and in less than 1
      minute before the water get in to the kite. I have learned such
      techniques after 2 years of using my opened cell XXXL on water and now
      am very confident with relaunching an opened cell foil when there is
      adequate wind (adequate wind is when the foil can fly stable straight
      over head without having to move the kite). Of course, a closed cell
      foil such as the EX Wave, New Wave, Arc, etc. would make relaunching
      easier as you have an extra few minutes to relaunch. The ones with
      internal bladders such as the JoJo Wet or Mosquito extend the time limit
      to relaunch even longer. As for the inflatables, you can take your time
      to relaunch and that is one of the main reasons why most people prefer

      The decision to go with the opened cell or closed cell kite is more a
      matter of personal preference. I prefer opened cell as they are simply
      better in light wind (and less expensive too :)

      P.S. With the announcement from David (way to go David!) for the JoJo
      Rage 14 m2 foil, it looks like we now have more options for 12+ m2 high
      performance light wind foil ...

      It looks like the foil vendors are reclaiming their light wind market
      after all ......

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