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RE: [ksurfschool] Smallest kite for kiteskiing/kitesurfing

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  • Troy Bezanson
    I took my 3.3m HQ Kite out in the storm Saturday and Sunday using my ice buggy. The wind was always at least 50km with gusts up to 90km. Traveling across the
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      I took my 3.3m HQ Kite out in the storm Saturday and Sunday using my ice buggy.   The wind was always at least 50km with gusts up to 90km.   Traveling across the lake was very fast.  The kite stayed locked in most of the time,  even in gusts.  One thing I did notice was that I had to fly the kite lower than usual, as I found it had a tendency to take the weight off my inside blade if I flew it high.  When this happened, the back end would slide sideways a bit. Counter steering corrected it, but made me feel less in control.
      Going over bumps in the ice, made by snowmobiles can be treacherous.  As soon as the rear blades come off the ice, depending on how close to perpendicular you're going to the wind, the buggy will spin out on you.
      Being a skiier, I feel more comfortable going fast on skis.  But I couldn't image going as fast as I was on the buggy.    A full faced motorcycle helmet with shield is a must for cold strong winds!!! (and keeping my skull in one piece)
      Anyone have any tips for landing a foil in strong winds?  That thing just kept taking off on me.  By the time I managed to get it under control, my lines were so tangled, I wouldn't have been able to continue if I wanted to.
      The kite, experienced a minor tear where one of the bridle lines are attached.  I've managed to patch/sew the area.  I imagine I'll find out soon enough if the patch job was sufficient.  This particular kite is known to explode at the sign of any little defect.  I had one last summer that had 2 cells on both ends blow off.  Maybe there was too much force on the outside bridle lines. Either way,the Manufacturer replaced it, no questions asked. :)
      B.T.W.  It might be useful to have little strings attaching your mittens to your jacket on windy days( just like you're mom used to make you wear as a kid).  I spent 45 minutes Sunday afternoon walking the length of the lake in search of a glove that got away from me. 
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      After having had a wonderful time with the "largest kite for
      kiteskiing/kitesurfing" I had a chance today to kiteski with the
      "smallest kite for kiteskiing/kitesurfing".

      The condition is "crazy": almost pure ice with "nuclear" wind (25+
      knots, peak gusts 48+ knots).  My Wipika Classic is simply too large for
      this condition - all other kiteskiers use 1 - 2 m2 foils (worse, I have
      have recently changed it to a 4 liner without having the chance to tune
      it).  Peter lent me his newly made 1.6 m2 "storm" foil that he made
      recently just for testing our "changing of angle of attack bridal"
      concept.  This is a rare condition and we learned a number of lessons:

      1- 30+ knots wind and and -27C wind-chill is not the "ideal" condition
      to tune a kite
      2- 30 m lines are simply too long in this "nuclear" condition (even for
      a 1.6 m2 foil)
      3- I attached the 2 leader lines on the control bar directly to the 3.5
      and manage to sail great except that I can't control the kite very well
      due to its lack of a 2 line bridal system.  With the bridal I would say
      that this is probably the best rig for the condition.
      4- We changed the lines on Peter's 1.6 m2 foil to 10 m line and it
      worked great (much less unanticipated power rush).  When the wind start
      to get over 25+ knots, it's best to keep the same kite size and drop the
      line length instead.
      5- Kitewhatsoever without a safety leash is "psychologically" slow!  My
      brain simply refuses to "take it to the limit" without knowing a way to
      "bail out" in the worst situation.

      We quitted when even 10m lines on a 1.6 m2 foil became too much!!!

      P.S. I have just put the 2 line bridal system back on my Wipika 3.5 to
      wait for the next time... Kiting with 0m lines...


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