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re: c-quads

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  • Peter Halt
    ... Message: 16 Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 19:42:35 -0500 From: Mark Frasier Subject: Re: c-quad Do you use the thick 8.5 spar that breaks
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2001
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      Message: 16
      Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 19:42:35 -0500
      From: "Mark Frasier" <brockus@...>
      Subject: Re: c-quad

      Do you use the thick 8.5 spar that breaks down in your
      4.2 and 6.3?
      I notice all the new c-quads have pockets sewn in for
      floatation tubes, including the 1.4. Have you ever
      used the tubes for kitesurfing? OR do you just keep
      the kite in the air? : )

      The 1.4 is nice, flies like a rev in high winds.
      Really sturdy, with heavy bridle. Pretty
      indestructable, and I think it cost me less than $100.
      Way faster than my HI-15 skytiger.

      Not making it to SBBB this year. Next year though,
      I've never buggied in the desert. Skiing in
      Switzerland this spring (cheaper than colorado!).
      I am moving to Mount Shasta, CA in June,
      lots of windy lakes, 4 hrs north of Reno, SF, Riovista
      and all that wind. Best back country skiing,
      flyfishing, and white water rafting.
      I may get up to Lake Champlain this spring for some KS
      before I go. My grandparents live right on the lake
      in upstate NY. Let me know if you ever come down
      towards Nahant, or if any of the KONE boys head up
      your way.

      >>I've put a 8.5 LE (thicker) in my 4.2 and will
      >>someday get around to doing the same with the 6.3. I
      >>thikn it's almost necessary for kitesurfing
      >>and IMO allows a better tune (faster & more depower)
      >>even for buggying or skiing. I might consider
      >>leaving a thin LE spar in the 6.3 if that was my
      >>biggest kite and I used it mostly for buggying.

      >>I have one of the open bags but I prefer the old
      >>style, except for the big kites with the ferruled
      >>LE. I use the standard bag even with a thicker spar.

      > I just bought 3 c-quads, a 1.4, 8.5 and 10.5 from
      > Leading Edge Kites in Australia, had them within a
      > week without problems for less than the price of a
      > high performance foil. And significantly less than
      > the US vendors. I will get my ARCs there when I
      > that bullet.

      >>Let me know how the 1.4 is. I'd like to get one for
      >>high wind ice & bugy days. They are just starting to
      >>be imported into north america by the distributor
      >>and I haven't got to try one yet. Going to SBBB?

      >>Mark Frasier


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