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RE: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001

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  • Anton Potgieter
    JD, One other tip which I learned the hard way ... do not be tempted to use both hands to position your board if you are only hooked into the trim loop! I did
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 9, 2001

      One other tip which I learned the hard way ... do not be tempted to use both
      hands to position your board if you are only hooked into the trim loop! I
      did so (because my 4 line kite (13.5AR5) was much more stable than the 2
      line (7.0AR3.5) for some reason and just seemed to invite "no hands") While
      I was hauling the board in from behind me (in quite large surf), the bar
      flipped round ... the kite then started a dive, which I left for a while,
      and when I grabbed the bar to correct, I was of course pulling the wrong
      side! A nasty crash into the surf line ensued ... :-o


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      From: Farnsworth, Kenny [mailto:kenny@...]
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      One session. I think the only thing you have to keep in mind when using the
      trim loop is that the kite steers very slowly when it is sheeted out. You
      have to get used to pulling the bar close to your chest to steer and then
      sheeting out to depower when the kite is in the position you wish.

      I have to tell you that you will be amazed by how much easier controlling
      the kite will be once you start using the trim loop, especially in gusty
      conditions. It almost feels like cheating. You can go upwind so easy
      during a powerful gust by just sheeting the kite out and pointing your board


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      From: John Deane [mailto:jdeane@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 8:28 AM
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      Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001

      How long, in general, does it take to get used to using
      a trim loop well after having only used 2 line kites?


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      Date: 07 February 2001 1:05
      Subject: RE: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001

      >I would not launch my 16M in 18 knots of wind, but if I was out on the
      >and the wind kicked up that fast, I would not go into shore. I would go
      >some big air and blast upwind in the trim loop. Honestly, above 16 knots I
      >would probably launch a smaller kite (your 8.5 would be ideal).
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      >From: John Deane [mailto:jdeane@...]
      >Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 4:49 AM
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      >Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001
      >Tks for yr reply - just got around to seeing it now. I have to admit the
      >thought of a 16m in 18 knots with gusts is pretty daunting - my 8.5 is a
      >handful in that kind of wind. Maybe I need a little more practice first.
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      >Date: 03 February 2001 9:59
      >Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] Free Air2000 vs Free Air2001
      >>I weight about the same as you (80 kg). For the conditions you describe a
      >>16M FreeAir or the new Airblast 11.8 (approx. the same size) will cover
      >>entire range. It may be more power than you are used to but you can use
      >>trim loop when the wind is above 15 knots and you won't have to sit on the
      >>beach when the wind drops to 10 knots. Last summer, I used a 15.5 AR-5 in
      >>conditions ranging from 10 - 22 knots. The only thing I didn't like about
      >>the 15.5 is that it is a slow kite. I just sold it last week and I
      >>11.8 AirBlast to replace it. I personally recommend getting the AirBlast
      >>because of the reverse relaunching capability. The 15.5 was sometimes a
      >>to relaunch and it took a while. I hope that helps.
      >><< I've been using a Wipika classic 8.5 which I want to sell soon while
      >> still worth something. I weigh around 83 kilos. So the days when the wind
      >> was 12-18 knots, I was able to get out. BUT, I spent about half my time
      >> sitting around waiting either for the wind to pick up or die down. The
      >> range is around 8 - 24 knots. I'd like to try to get by with 2 kites
      >> than 3 as money is an issue. I'm ready to get a brand new Free Air (but
      >> don't know if 2000 or 2001 model) or Airblast but for the 2nd kite I'll
      >> for something 2nd hand. Problem is, which sizes?
      >> I've seen 11.5 AR5s around 2nd hand but I'm not sure about their wind
      >> Do you think a kite around the 11m range and one around 7m would cover
      >> 8-24 knot range?
      >> Thanks for yr help.
      >> JD >>

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