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Re: [ksurfschool] c-quad

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  • Mark Frasier
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      Subject: [ksurfschool] c-quad

      > Thanks for the great C-quad info Mark. We met briefly
      > buggying at a kite festival in Hingham, MA and were
      > the only two buggying in the lousy, gusty wind there.

      Oh yeah, you were on call as a doctor or something?

      > I'm not sure why this isn't a more popular kite.
      > Except for the packing factor, which is much better
      > with the new open bags btw, these are some of the best
      > land kites out there, and for low wind kitesurfing,
      > when you are not going to relaunch anyway, they rock.
      > Speed, upwind performance, wet performance, and some
      > ability to depower are unmatched by most open foils.
      > And despite the hype, I have never broken a spar
      > or a bridle in 3 years.

      I wish I had such good luck :)I haven't broken one in a while, but we got
      into a bad batch of spars a year or so ago and had to replace a few.

      I've put a 8.5 LE (thicker) in my 4.2 and will someday get around to doing
      the same with the 6.3. I thikn it's almost necessary for kitesurfing and IMO
      allows a better tune (faster & more depower) even for buggying or skiing. I
      might consider leaving a thin LE spar in the 6.3 if that was my biggest kite
      and I used it mostly for buggying.

      I have one of the open bags but I prefer the old style, except for the big
      kites with the ferruled LE. I use the standard bag even with a thicker spar.
      No probs.

      > I just bought 3 c-quads, a 1.4, 8.5 and 10.5 from
      > Leading Edge Kites in Australia, had them within a
      > week without problems for less than the price of a
      > high performance foil. And significantly less than
      > the US vendors. I will get my ARCs there when I bite
      > that bullet.

      Let me know how the 1.4 is. I'd like to get one for high wind ice & bugy
      days. They are just starting to be imported into north america by the
      distributor and I haven't got to try one yet. Going to SBBB?

      > Peter

      Mark Frasier
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