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Re: [ksurfschool] Finaly Tested WaterLaunch 3rd Day on 4.5 ARC ("630 size")

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  • kiteboard@aol.com
    I don t know about the AirBlast, but I m very familiar with the AR5 of the same projected area, which is what I m comparing it to. It wasn t windy enough for
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2001
      I don't know about the AirBlast, but I'm very familiar with the AR5 of the
      same projected area, which is what I'm comparing it to. It wasn't windy
      enough for me to really test the upper end of the wind range, although in
      some of the longer, stronger gusts it felt like it might be pretty similar in
      that respect (24mph>20knots). In my post I forgot to mention that more
      testing is needed, because it was SO extremely gusty yesterday that even my
      buddy Kenny was in his 9.5 trim loop (which is quite rare) & said he
      frequently needed to sheet instantly from min to max.

      I got the iwindsurf.com graph to load this morning, & I was riding when the
      peak shows 12-24 (!), averaging 17, & the lowest reading while I was out was
      7-17 (!), avg. 12mph. I think I'd have been pushing the limits of an AR5's
      manual gust handling range also (it has virtually no automatic range).

      I just checked my log & my 5th day on my AR5 (3/15/00) has pretty similar
      readings, & I only described it as "pretty gusty", but I'd been used to a
      2-line with no sheeting at all. 4/12/00 it was so gusty I landed the kite in
      the water when I quit, & the worst reading later in the day is around 10-20,
      avg. 15. I also labeled 8/3/00 "pretty gusty", at 13-27, av. 19, and 9/25/00
      had "big, strong gusts", momentarily 13-28, av. 19, but I might have been
      further out, or further upwind when that happened. After reading my log, I
      actually remember that last day clearly, as I was really struggling at the
      limit of gust handling on the AR5. You can check the charts yourself if you
      like. Compare yesterday to 9/25.

      Keep in mind that when it's stronger, I usually ride further upwind, where
      it's much less gusty here, & yesterday was still not very strong (av. 17
      max.) so I was in the "blast zone". I now think the ARC & AR5 may compare
      quite similarly for GUST handling range. Top end limit yet to be tested, but
      I hope I can do that soon, since it will mean I get to go in nice strong


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      << kiteboard@... wrote:
      > likely higher in the middle of my session. It was SUPER gusty on the
      water &
      > I could definitely feel it. Compared to an AR5 it feels like it has a lot
      > more "automatic" gust handling capacity, but possibly less manual power
      > control (even with huge sheeting movement). I think this will make it
      > for moderately gusty conditions, but maybe not quite as good for extremely
      > gusty days, at least not if you're used to an inflatable sled with
      > instantaneous unlimited sheeting range (like I am). Because of this

      Does this means that the ARC may have a smaller wind range than the
      AR5/AirBlast ?
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