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Finaly Tested WaterLaunch 3rd Day on 4.5 ARC ("630 size")

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  • kiteboard@aol.com
    Day 133. 2/2/1. ~1.5hrs. (new total 6.5 hrs on 4.5 ARC) I must have just been lucky the other time edge launching, because today with NO T.E. vent
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2001
      Day 133. 2/2/1. ~1.5hrs. (new total 6.5 hrs on 4.5 ARC)

      I must have just been lucky the other time edge launching, because today with
      NO T.E. vent pre-inflation, it was rather hard to launch. Maybe a little
      pre-inflation opens up the cells enough to allow more air in when holding the
      tips apart. It seems to need a certain minimum pre-inflation to keep the
      unsanded end from folding underneath when pulling on the lines.

      I can't get the iwindsurf graph to load, but the highest pager readings I saw
      were an average of 15mph, & a peak of 19, although I think the readings were
      likely higher in the middle of my session. It was SUPER gusty on the water &
      I could definitely feel it. Compared to an AR5 it feels like it has a lot
      more "automatic" gust handling capacity, but possibly less manual power
      control (even with huge sheeting movement). I think this will make it better
      for moderately gusty conditions, but maybe not quite as good for extremely
      gusty days, at least not if you're used to an inflatable sled with full-time
      instantaneous unlimited sheeting range (like I am). Because of this slightly
      less manually variable power in today's tough conditions, it was more
      difficult to make as much progress upwind, but I didn't have to walk, even
      though I "tested" the waterlaunching quite thoroughly.

      The first crash was from blowing a jibe trying to steer around big clumps of
      kelp. The kite had flown all the way to the other side of the window, but I
      was still going nearly straight downwind to try to avoid the kelp. The kite
      luffed completely, turning inside out as it drifted back in the air, before
      landing inside out LE down nearly dead downwind. I don't know exactly what I
      did, but after yanking & releasing pretty much randomly on the lines in
      various combinations while it flopped around on the water, at one point it
      was twisted 180 degrees (one side right side out, one side inside out), but
      it finally relaunched properly after a total of maybe a minute or two. Once
      I intentionally crashed it LE down, in order to try the reverse launch, but
      while letting out the center strap adjustment (to be able to apply sufficient
      rear line tension) I decided to pull in on its leader to remove a big chunk
      of kelp that had caught there on the first crash. By the time I got it off,
      the kite had rolled over & was launching itself. Once in a big lull, after
      falling over backwards I didn't have time to pull in on the center strap to
      keep it from stalling & falling. The wind was quite light, & it folded
      completely in half, with the tips touching. Using the same lack of
      technique, it launched again after several minutes, & appeared to have lost
      about ΒΌ of its full inflation.

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