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Re: [ksurfschool] kite to use skiing?

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  • Kitesurfgirl@cs.com
    In a message dated 2/1/01 5:06:05 PM Mountain Standard Time, brockus@empire.net writes:
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      In a message dated 2/1/01 5:06:05 PM Mountain Standard Time,
      brockus@... writes:

      << Hi J,

      A couple of people have said it's pretty tough to relaunch an inflatable, or
      even launch for that matter. You would get the normal benefits of a sled
      (trim control, mostly) but you might want to plan on having a helper to toss
      your kite up for you, and plan not to crash much! Generally I think (based
      on what people have said about sleds) that foils would be better, unless you
      have one of those new or modified sleds that can launch "in reverse" - that
      is, fly up off the ground trailing edge first. Plus, as you said, you don't
      have to deal with pumps, stiff valves, etc.

      Are both your kites the same size? If you're on hard snow you'll need a lot
      smaller kite than you use for kitesurfing.

      What part of the country are you skiing in? If you're around VT/NY I'll put
      you in touch with the guy that's running an F-One kiteskiing/snowboarding
      demo this w/e, and maybe see you there.

      Good luck,
      Mark Frasier
      Hi Mark~
      Thanks so much for the good advice. Now I will at least have some sort of
      heads up when I try this tomorrow. Ü I only have one kite that is not an
      inflatable, a 4.4 ARC. Hopefully the wind will cooperate so I can use it!
      Otherwise I guess I will bring small inflatable as back up. Yes, I have
      three of the new 5 line Wipika kites ordered, which should launch in reverse.
      Can't wait to try them out...
      I am skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Quite a ways from New York, but thanks
      anyway! I hope all goes well for you this weekend.
      Have fun~
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