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Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Day 2 on ARC 4.5 ("630")

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    In a message dated 2/1/01 2:12:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, jeremybuzzard@yahoo.com.au writes: What strength? The
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 1, 2001
      In a message dated 2/1/01 2:12:20 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      jeremybuzzard@... writes:

      << the left back line had snapped, >>

      What strength? The distributor & some group members say use 300lb on back,
      but the manual says use 600s all-around (so that's what I'm using, since I
      had them already on my bar!).

      << the safety leash slid out
      from the back line (the same one that snapped). >>

      That's a good point. If that happens to be the line that breaks, you now
      have no leash. That's a point in favor of the "two lines on one side" leash

      << dropping the bar on
      the beach... The kite propellered down to earth (ten more
      minutes working out tangles). >>

      Another point in favor of the 2-line leash (as you mention later).

      << I watched the kite
      drift back towards the centre of the wind window and made the
      decision that I was going to get hammered so I dropped the bar >>

      If you keep the front lines long enough while on land, you can oversheet &
      "brake" it so it doesn't move too fast up to the top, thereby safely reducing
      the power.

      << Very easy to launch downwind (at risk of a bit of a big drag) >>

      Same technique works there (keep the "brakes" on).

      << The safety system that is supplied with the kite and bar
      package is woefully inadequate... >>

      But anything that works with an inflatable sled will work fine.

      << - the kite can easily turn inside out a couple of times and I
      don't think I could even fly it with that much of a tangle (the friction
      would be huge) >>

      Line twists are less problem than one might think. I've flown my AR5 easily
      with several twists.

      << buy the twist grip bar - it sounds like a
      really good idea, and would make sheeting much easier.
      I am designing my own bar and line system for it - I want to have
      a sheeting system which can easily be released with one hand if
      I am overpowered - I will post it when I work out whether it works. >>

      I just used the same "MelMods" as on my AR5. I think they work even better
      on the ARC, since there seems to be even less need to hook into the rear
      lines (even less load than an AR5, even when underpowered & constantly
      sheeting in).

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