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833Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Salutations!

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  • Derek Bown
    Dec 13, 2000

      Thank you, everyone, for all your great replies. 

      I'm taking the safety tips to heart. It sounds like losing control with a kite on the beach is far deadlier than a pinwheeling sail in 40 knots, and more likely to happen. 

      I'll let y'all know how it goes.



        kiteboard@... wrote:

      In a message dated 00-12-08 11:28:44 EST, kenny@... writes:

      <<  Those are good skills to practice, but you want to make sure that your
      is only lightly powered.  I personally think a trainer kite is a worthwhile
      investment.  I wouldn't dare do any of those things you mention on land when
      I am powered up. >>

      I forgot to mention that I tell every beginner getting a kite that's larger
      than they're used to that they must first fly it in winds they can barely
      feel, so they even need a helper to toss it up to launch, & need to keep it
      moving to keep it up.  Of those practice skills, only the hovering ones
      should be done while powered up.  To me, "powered up" means it's nearly
      impossible to walk upwind with the kite overhead.  You should NEVER fly the
      kite overhead while powered up without at least two full line lengths clear
      of obstacles & people to either side of downwind, AND at least one full kite
      length of soft surface (dry sand or water) to either side downwind.  You
      should also never fly without a good depowering leash system.


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