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778Re: Salutations!

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  • Chris Glazier
    Dec 7, 2000
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      Good points Mel

      Here is a few things that a beginner kite flyer should practise on

      -fly the kite without looking at it
      -increase kite power by moving the kite in a figure 8 pattern
      -launch the kite by yourself
      -land the kite by yourself ..softly
      -fly the kite with one hand (while it is hooked in the harness)
      -while one hand flying, pick up something with your other hand
      -if on sand, use kite movement to drag yourself along on your heels
      -do the heel drag (under control) without looking at the kite

      Chris G

      > << First, spend a few hours flying your kite on land. It
      > doesn't get any easier in the water. >>
      > I'd say a few DAYS, or even weeks, including kiteflying in the
      water (without
      > the board). The better you are with the kite, the easier it is
      when you get
      > on the board (and safer, for yourself and others). I recently read
      > about 80% kite skill, 20% board, but I'd say it's likely over 90%
      > If you want to just get your final kite right away, consider a
      lesson, since
      > it will get you way up the learning curve right away (no need to
      buy a
      > trainer kite, or 2-line kiteboard kite to learn on).
      > Mel
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