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742Tip6: Learning curve

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  • cglazier@home.com
    Dec 1, 2000
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      [this is from Ian Young's website in Australia ...on the page where
      they describe their kitesurfing lessons]


      How difficult is it to learn? It's easier than windsurfing to get
      planing and jibing. It takes a little longer to learn to go upwind
      but then it's much quicker to get into wave riding, jumps and other
      tricks. 75% of the skill is in flying these power kites - if you put
      the kite in the right spot in the sky, you hardly even have to think
      about the board as you get pulled UP and out of the water up onto a


      Typical Learning Curve
      All self paced but a typical learning curve for one-on-one tuition is
      something like:

      15 - 30 min theory (depending on kite flying experience)

      1 hour body dragging/ flying LH, RH & downwind figure 8 patterns;
      parking kite directly overhead and keeping it as still as possible
      with one handed control

      30 min - 1 hour flying kite overhead with one hand and using the
      other to get on the board

      1 hour water starting and planing off in one direction

      2 hours getting longer rides without falling off

      2 hours jibes without switching stance

      2 hours switch stance jibes (if you want to)

      5 - 10 hours downwind runs developing better upwind ability

      3 - 4 hours jumps
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