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605Re: [ksurfschool] Concept Air VSS system?

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  • Colin Gowland
    Oct 9 11:49 AM
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      Hi Chris,

      Basically by changing the connection point of the flying line, you change
      how "fast" or "slow" the kite flys. A "slow" setting is more stable and
      gives more brute power. A "fast" setting is less stable but the kite turns
      faster. If you pull the loop on the vss, it will loosen the connection.
      There are 3 knots and you can choose positions within or on the 3-knots.
      When you connect the VSS closer to the AB lines otherwise known as the lines
      that connect mainly to the leading edge and front portion of the kite, the
      kite is faster. (Small AOA) The opposite is true when you move the knot
      closer to the CD lines. You can "straddle" each knot as well with the loop,
      just make sure it's tight. This gives 5 settings. Moving one knot makes a
      pretty big difference so play around with it and see what works best for
      you. There is also a system made by Ian Young availible that let's you
      adjust your VSS from the bar.


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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Concept Air VSS system?

      > I have a Concept Air 7.3 New Wave kite which comes with a bridle
      > adjustment system called VSS. Can anyone tell me what this does or
      > how to use it. (There were no instructions with the kite.)
      > Thanks
      > Chris Glazier
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