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5405Bow .vs. SLE

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    Nov 23, 2006
      I have been using and playing with a number of bow (or almost bow) and
      SLE kites in the past year.

      What I have found is that SLE is better in term of stability (remember
      the flatter is less stable formula with Seasmik) and jumping performance
      (the Sled Boosting effect). On the other hand, the bow is probably
      better in term of speed performance (less fabric, lighter kite for same

      So at one end you have SLE like Waroo, the other end, you have bow like
      the Crossbow, and a bit compromised Waroo-Pro (this is between SLE and
      mid-SLE), SwitchBlade, One, etc.

      The flatter the kite, the more concave the trailing edge need to be
      (probably only a true bow kite need to have concave trailing edge) or
      use a trailing edge bridle like the Seasmik.

      It is very interesting to observe that the flat kite revolution that
      started with the Seasmik, the Nexus (a bit too foil oriented), this
      experiment: http://www.template-toolkit.org/tpc5/kitesurfing/index.html
      (has both curve LE and bow trailing edge) , the Flexifoil curve leading
      edge (probably taken from the previous experiment), the bow patent
      application from Bruno and ended with the SLE.

      Personally, the main reason why I want a SLE/bow kite is for this reason
      http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/kitesurf/message/67005 (and the
      market in 2006 has probably showed the preference).

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