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5400Flat kite for teaching

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    Oct 4, 2006
      We are finishing off our first season teaching with flat kite (Waroo
      mainly) and here is our report:
      1- Don't teach a student with a C kite (too much trouble)
      2- It is much easier and safer for the students to learn with flat kites
      3- The students will have no problem using a C kite after the lesson
      4- When teaching water relaunch, only teach the standard method to
      relaunch the kite, that way, the student will have no problem using the
      C kites afterward.
      5- The successful rate is very high almost 100% while the
      successful rate with the C kite is around 80%
      6- The student learn much faster and have more confident in the kite
      7- If you need to teach the student to use his own C kite, use a
      flat kite bar, it will gives much more depowering capability than a
      regular C kite bar.